Food After 50: 8 Super Foods to Nurture Your Body

Aging is a process of change. At some point, each of us finds that our mental and physical health shifts as we grow older; this is an inescapable fact of life. However, we can nourish ourselves with specific wholesome foods to keep our bodies strong and our minds sharp. Here is a list of 8 super foods to nurture your body after 50.

5 Calming Poses for a Gentle Emotional Release

With just a few minutes each day, you can give yourself all you need for some restoration and rejuvenation. Restorative yoga postures have a calming effect and can be used to achieve a gentle emotional release. To nurture yourself this Fall, try these 5 calming and grounding yoga poses to help overcome stress and anxiety.

Parent-Child Yoga Sessions: 7 Nurturing Poses to Practice Together

Yoga is all about connection. Although we often think of this connection as being inward toward the self, it can also be an outward, nurturing relationships with others. A partner yoga practice can be especially effective with your child. Practicing yoga with your child has a variety of benefits and can help to nurture your relationship. Try the following parent poses to share and explore yoga wi

Meditation for Pregnancy Pain

Regular meditation can help reduce stress and fears as well as strengthen your immune system and enhance nervous system functioning. More than just physically, meditation builds compassion, connection and confidence, and these advantages are passed to your growing baby. Sounds great, right? Let’s get started.

The Power of Play in Yoga

So often our mind falls into the trap of perfectionism and control on our mats. It is too easy to focus so much attention on having correct alignment and being serious in a yoga practice. But remember, a “yoga practice” is just that – a practice! Not a “yoga perfect”. So why not have some fun in your practice?

5 Restorative Yoga Poses to Balance Your Mood

Of the many restorative poses that offer you space to grow, these five target different regions in the body and are associated with different effects. It is less important to practice all five every day. Rather hold a pose that feels right for you and focus on the creating balance in your breath and body.

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