Practice Daily Gratitude with This 15 Minute Evening Flow

After a long day of go, it is incredibly jarring on our bodies to stop. Because many of us do not know how to stop or pause, we end up scrolling mindlessly online and binge watching TV until we convince ourselves to sleep. Days pass and exhaustion finds home in our bones. It gets harder to unwind and be thankful. And you may start to distance yourself from the world. If this sounds like you and y

Yoga for Healthy Knees: Understanding Biomechanics Can Protect Your Knees in Lotus Pose

Let’s break down one of the big three and look at the the biomechanics, or the science of movement, of the knee in padmasana to maintain healthy and happy knees. This article with introduce basic biomechanics that relate to padmasana; for a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of the knee joint, it is best to see a professional healthcare provider as well as an experienced yoga teacher.

7 Gentle Poses to Explore for a Happy Pregnancy

Your body is working incredibly hard to create a healthy environment for your growing baby. Yoga is a chance to add energy rather than create more demand on your body. It is an opportunity to be empowered and advocate for what feels good and what does not in your unique body. Take time to explore your beautiful body and bond with your baby with these 7 poses.

5 Restorative Yoga Poses to Balance Your Mood

Of the many restorative poses that offer you space to grow, these five target different regions in the body and are associated with different effects. It is less important to practice all five every day. Rather hold a pose that feels right for you and focus on the creating balance in your breath and body.

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