Heat up Your Practice and Tone the Body for Summer with This Yoga Sequence for 14 Days

A shift in yoga practice often goes hand in hand with a shift in season, allowing us to adapt sequences and postures to our fitness goals and overall wellness. Sometimes, we need a slow, nurturing practice. At other times, we need a high energy, pulse raising practicing. As the warmer summer months approach, heat up your practice, strengthen and tone with this summer-ready yoga sequence for 14 day

Parent-Child Yoga Sessions: 7 Nurturing Poses to Practice Together

Yoga is all about connection. Although we often think of this connection as being inward toward the self, it can also be an outward, nurturing relationships with others. A partner yoga practice can be especially effective with your child. Practicing yoga with your child has a variety of benefits and can help to nurture your relationship. Try the following parent poses to share and explore yoga wi

Bend over Backward to Find Your Confident Camel Pose

Ustrasana, or camel pose, is an intermediate backbend that stretches the entire front of the body and strengthens the back. It challenges your ability to be vulnerable, as the entire front body is open. Explore this vulnerability by using breath to relax and explore what feels good. With a bit of patience and awareness, you can cultivate confidence and build up to camel pose wit

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