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The DOYOU100

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With yoga now a multi-billion dollar industry and reaching new heights daily, it’s never been more important to have positive leaders supporting and shaping the movement of healthy, mindful living. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most influential health and wellness experts in the game, who are doing just that.

Our team of editors and contributors reflect on the thought leaders, radical transformers, and social activists supporting the forward movement of positive, mindful living.

In no particular order, we present you the DOYOU100.

Talia Sutra

Currently based in her birthplace of Israel, Talia is a new mom inspiring those around her with her Love and All is Coming campaign. The aim is connection, with the self and with others. Join the movement with #loveandalliscoming.

IG: @talia_sutra

Christian Florez

Yoga Instructor, videographer, and plant-based nutritionist, it seems Christian does it all—well, at least in the wellness domain. This California-based triple threat captivatingly captures movement and stillness.

IG: @christianflorezyoga

Rebekah Letch

Embodying the traits of a powerhouse yogi businesswoman, it’s no surprise Rebekah is admired by so many. She not only shares beautifully bendy Instagram images, but she uses her sage words of wisdom to inspire and connect. 

IG: @rebekahletch

Amina Taha

Sharing insight into her practice, Amina helps others grow a home practice with instructional videos and key tips. She’s based in NYC and regularly offers workshops.

IG: @aminahtaha

Briohny Smyth

Briohny has been teaching and inspiring other yogis (students and teachers alike) for nearly 15 years! Originally from Thailand, she now travels the world teaching, leading, and motivating. You can find classes with Briohny on DYY!

IG: @yogawithbriohny

Alissa Kepas

There’s an authentic air about Alissa that people gravitate toward. Her carefully crafted posts encourage others to try specific poses and breathing techniques, and the alluring images and breathtaking backdrops are #inspo too!

IG: @alissayoga

Kathryn Budig

Author, yoga instructor, delicious recipe-creator, podcast host—what else does Kathryn have up her sleeve? You’ll have to check her Instagram. She constantly inspires through her words and actions, showing us that yoga doesn’t define us or confine us to a set of “normalities”.

IG: @kathrynbudig

Alex Kaufman

A Caribbean-based yogi, Alex radiates island vibes with her contagious smile and Vitamin D-infused posts. She leads yoga retreats around the world and is all about the philosophy of letting go of the ego and dropping the judgment.

IG: @bahayogi

Yulady Saluti

Yulady motivates others through her strong and determined sense of being. She’s a mother, yogi, and cancer survivor using her knowledge and insight help and teach others with health conditions while spreading the sentiment #BeKindAllTheTime.

IG: @yulady

Ashley Galvin

Ashley is an international yoga teacher beaming California radiance. She provides her followers with inspirational quotes, thoughts on yoga philosophy, and even a glimpse into her family life with her yogi husband (who’s also on this list) and their newborn.

IG: @ashleygalvinyoga

Jessica Olie

Jessica shares her journey of life and yoga through fascinating images while dropping real and relatable experiences. Her vulnerability, courage, and touching words inspire daily as she encourages others through her #letsstartyoga movement.

IG: @jessicaolie

Aubry Marie

Yoga teacher and artist, Aubry exudes playfulness, bravery, strength, and flexibility (both on and off the mat). She teaches and shares from a level of connection, feeling, and emotion to empower others.

IG: @aubrymarie

Steph Gongorga

Currently based in Costa Rica, Steph is a yoga instructor and aerial arts teacher. She inspires through her unique approach to movement, fearless actions, and powerful statements.

IG: @casa_colibri

Koya Webb

Koya’s vibrant aura shines through her posts as this yoga instructor and holistic health coach leads her followers through all things love, oneness, and eco-friendly living. She helps people reach their goals through her company, Get Loved Up.

IG: @koyawebb

Rivka Ann

Rivka’s journal entry-like posts connect on a deeper level with others and empower growth and individuality.

IG: @rivkayoga

Patrick Beach

Patrick teaches yoga workshops and fluid vinyasa classes all over the world. He takes his followers along for the ride by sharing his travels and practice.

IG: @patrickbeach

Erin Kelly

Erin is an artist and traveling yoga instructor known for her creative flows and transitions. She encourages personal growth and embodies divine uniqueness.

IG: @erinkellyart

Amelia Barnes

Amelia is an inspirational yogi and dedicated mother who shares her highs, lows, and in-betweens with the world. She provides helpful knowledge on her zero-waste life and vegan diet.

IG: @ameliakyoga

DJ Townsel

This self-proclaimed #RastaYogi is a former professional football player who now spends his days as a health coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor. He encourages others to be themselves through authenticity.

IG: @dade2shelby

Kerri Verna

Coming to her Instagram followers from sunny Florida, this #beachyogagirl has over 1 million followers! She shares deep posts, engages with her community, and offers some pretty awesome giveaways!

IG: @beachyogagirl

Ashley Tara

Ashley, the OGYogini, has over 20 years of movement training and her fluid free-flow videos on Instagram show her connection—with herself, and with her surroundings. She is the founder of Infinite Source Yoga, a school of consciousness, where she offers teacher trainings.

IG: @ogyogini

Jessamyn Stanley

Durham, NC-based yoga teacher, Jessamyn keeps it real on Instagram and inspires others to love and accept themselves. She’s also a writer and body positivity advocate, and often gives us a glimpse into her home practice on her influential platform.

IG: @mynameisjessamyn

Nude Yoga Girl

Nude Yoga Girl embodies freedom and expression with a dash of mystery. Although she has yet to show her face, we think that’s all part of the allure.

IG: @nude_yogagirl


Born and raised in New Jersey, The Yogi Goddess is an elementary school art teacher and yoga instructor. This artist and Ashtangi inspires her followers through thoughtful posts and high vibes.

IG: @yogi_goddess

Sean Phelps

This LA-based hair stylist-turned-yoga instructor started his yoga practice on his 30th birthday and hasn’t looked back since. He now leads yoga classes and trainings all over the world while sharing his asana practice on Instagram.

IG: @seanphelpsyoga

Mackenzie Kozlowski

Mackenzie seems to radiate strength, purity, and kindness while making a conscious effort to connect with her followers. She shares her vast understanding of all things yoga and is an anatomically-trained yoga instructor.

IG: @mackenzieyoga

Sanàa Jaman, Ph.D.

Self-taught yogi Sanaa (aka LadyDork), was sparked to start her own yoga journey during graduate school after seeing other yoga Instagram accounts. She now leads her #DorkTour all over the world teaching yoga and inspiring others.

IG: @ladydork


Germany-based yoga instructor and interior designer, Ania’s Instagram is filled with inventive postures that make difficult poses seem effortless. She always provides a fun, new challenge for her followers!

IG: @ania_75

Mathieu Boldron

Hailing from Paris, France, Mathieu is an international yoga instructor and former Broadway performer. He travels the world teaching yoga in a fun, lighthearted way that solidifies the mind-body connection.

IG: @mathieuboldronyinyasa

Rachel Brathen

One of the pioneers of Insta-yogis, Rachel (aka Yoga Girl) is a mom, wife, yoga instructor, businesswoman, author, just to name a few. Originally from Sweden, she now resides in Aruba where she started the movement #yogaeverydamnday—encouraging yogis everywhere to practice daily, even if just for a few minutes.

IG: @yoga_girl

Andrew Sealy

Co-creator of Yoga Revealed podcast, Andrew aims to share other yogis inspiring stories. He hosts yoga workshops and retreats often and cultivates growth while spreading #LiveUrTruth.

IG: @andrew7sealy

Robin Martin

Seattle-based yogi and mother, Robin’s Instagram feed features unique angles with upbeat and athletic appeal. She inspires others to defy limits and is anatomically trained by Yoga Medicine.

IG: @robinmartinyoga

Andrea Sauter

Andrea started her yoga journey at the age of 40 and inspires yogis of all ages through her joy and enthusiasm. She’s based in Stuttgart, Germany and brings her funky and refreshing style to share on Instagram.

IG: @yogamand

Justin Wolfer

Director of a yoga studio in Upstate New York, Justin connects with his followers and students beyond alluring yoga images. He shares thought-provoking insights through his transformative experiences.

IG: @justinwolferyoga

Laura Kasperzak

New Jersey-based yoga instructor and one of the original Insta-yogi’s, Laura wows followers with inventive poses and playful posts. She often shares her practice with her adorable family, and runs interactive challenges often!

IG: @laurasykora

Morgan Tyler

Kentucky yogi, Morgan, shares artistic yoga images and creative flowy videos. She connects with her followers on a deeper level through openness and has created a program, #AbAsanas, for yogis to enhance their own practice.

IG: @findingmorgantyler

Max and Liz

Max and Liz are more than AcroYoga powerhouse partners, they’re partners in life as well. These vegan traveling instructors share their practice all over the world through workshops and yoga retreats.

IG: @maxandlizacro

Jen Pastiloff

Author and yoga instructor, Jen travels around the world, leading empowerment workshops. She’s a breath of fresh air on Instagram featuring more real life posts, and less perfectly staged poses. Jen encourages a simple but unforgettably necessary tip: #dontbeanasshole.

IG: @jenpastiloff

Gordon Ogden

Living among the super-charged land of Sedona, Gordon is a yoga instructor, event producer, and marketing director. He spreads happiness and health through “Love, Light, & Lasers”.

IG: @gordonogden

Dice Iida-Klein

Dice leads yoga workshops, trainings, and retreats around the world. Through Instagram, he shares a glimpse of his travels, life, and practice while inspiring and encouraging other students.

IG: @diceyoga

Angela Kukhahn

Providing helpful instructional videos, Angela helps her followers learn the ins-and-outs of specific aspects of yoga. She’s making yoga more accessible in a down-to-earth environment, all from an app!

IG: @angelakukhahnyoga

Josh Kramer

Hailing from New Zealand, this yoga instructor brings strength, endurance, and balance to the yoga scene. He travels the world, leading yoga and handstand workshops while also juggling life as a humanitarian, photographer, and new father.

IG: @joshkrameryoga

Caitlin Turner

Gypset Goddess, Caitlin, derived the quirky Instagram handle from her penchant for a gypsy lifestyle combined with jet-setting. Through her yogic posts, she inspires others to live their truth.

IG: @gypsetgoddess

Honza & Claudine Lafond

The duo behind the YogaBeyond brand, Honza and Claudine aim to build a conscious community. They created the trademarked practice of AcroVinyasa and encourage others to follow their bliss.

IG: @yogabeyond

Mark Robberds

Mark journeys through the world leading yoga immersions while practicing and honing his own movement. Mark inspires others to reach their fullest potential and purpose.

IG: @markrobberds

Naya Rappaport

Raised in the Dominican Republic, Naya now resides in Florida and shares her infectious passion for yoga with all her followers. Her goal as a teacher is to make yoga more approachable while providing a safe, energetic environment.

IG: @nayitavp

Julio Bajdaun

Based in Los Angeles, Julio is an AcroYoga instructor and filmmaker. He teaches around the world while bringing incredibly inspiring creative content to Instagram.

IG: @fitflexjuli

Nicole Woyak

Originally from Arizona, Nicole is a yoga teacher whose followers love her inspirational quotes alongside super bendy images. She features helpful lessons and step-by-step videos too!

IG: @nwoy

Kelly Stanley

Promoting kindness and openness, Kelly is a Tennessee-based yogi and mom sharing personal lessons she’s learned along her yoga-life journey.

IG: @kellymarie_yoga

Holly Bentley

Holly is a DC-based yogi and mom who also runs a food and wellness blog. She shares inspiring thoughts and photos of her yoga practice and travels.

IG: @hollybentley_yoga

Noah Mazé

Global yoga teacher Noah is the creator of YogaMaze and is known for his methodical teaching. He started practicing yoga at the young age of 14 and now travels the world teaching yoga.

IG: @noahmaze

Riva G

Riva is a creative director, mom, and yoga & pilates instructor. She lives near NYC and has one of the top yoga accounts on Instagram.

IG: @riva_g

Adell Bridges

Adell is a yoga instructor and health coach who sold all her belongings and now travels full time. This nomadic yogi inspires others through her beautiful practice and travels.

IG: @adellbridges

Hannah Taha

Born in Cairo, but now based Abu Dhabi, Hannah leads Vinyasa and Ashtanga-inspired yoga classes. Her love for yoga radiates through her posts and thoughtful words.

IG: @hannahtaha

Melini Jesudason

Melini was born in Tokyo but raised in Singapore, Sydney, and NYC. This bright yogi (she has an MBA from The Wharton School) shares insights and encourages constant evolvement.

IG: @meliniseri

Dan Morgan

Inspiring individual exploration, Dan is an international yoga teacher living in Cardiff, Wales. He travels teaching lifestyle and movement while living and leading by the ethos to “teach people, not postures”.

IG: @dcmlifestyle

Miki Ash

Creatively expressing herself through curated posts, Miki is a yogi who runs a stimulating blog about yoga, wellness, meditation, travel, and life in general.

IG: @mikiash

Andrea Taylor

Andrea lives in Austin, Texas and she shares personal, relatable, and inspiring stories. She’s a Vinyasa yoga instructor and also practices Deep Tissue Massage.

IG: @move_yo_asana

Kevin Hofer

A professional photographer, Kevin lives a nomadic life while studying and practicing body movement. His followers enjoy his yoga pose and movement insights that help foster progression.

IG: @kevindhofer

Susie Frank

Based in California, Susie is an Acroyogi who regularly teaches (and posts images of) inversions and arm balances. She inspires on a whole other level!

IG: @susievanessayoga


Vanessa is a Toronto-based yogi who operates her own blog where she delivers an honest approach to yoga with helpful tips. She also dishes on her favorite lifestyle brands.

IG: @asanavanessa

Faith Hunter

Faith is a renowned yoga and meditation instructor and is the creator of Spiritually Fly, an innovative and integrative approach to the practice of yoga. She shares real and personal experiences which enables a natural connection with others. She resides in DC where she owns a yoga & wellness center. You can follow sessions with Faith on DYY!

IG: @spirituallyfly

Gabriella Dondero

A lover of motorcycles and yoga (talk about yin and yang!), Gabriella is all about balance. She has a corporate-world day job and leads yoga workshops on weekends.

IG: @gabriella.dondero

Janice Liou

Hailing from New Jersey, Janice often shares valuable yoga pose tips and beginner breakdowns of advanced poses through her Instagram account. Her followers especially enjoy her “then versus now” posts where she shows exactly how her practice has evolved.

IG: @janiceliou

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a well-known style of yoga that was created by Ana Forrest. She shares insights from trainings based on the physical and internally based practice. Forrest Yoga is based on 4 pillars: breath, strength, integrity, & spirit — which is reflected in each Instagram post.

IG: @forrestyoga

Michelle Muench

Michelle is known online as Banana Blondie and she vlogs regularly on YouTube about yoga, health, diet, the yoga community, etc. and it’s pretty entertaining! On Instagram, she often posts her home yoga practice which inspires her over 100 thousand followers.

IG: @bananablondie108

Seane Corn

Teaching yoga and positively influencing the yoga world for many years, Seane is among the most internationally renowned figures in the yoga community. She is also a leader for change as a passionate activist and co-founder of the Seva Challenge Humanitarian Tours.

IG: @seanecorn

Tiffany Cruikshank

Tiffany is constantly transforming the field of yoga. The founder of Yoga Medicine, she shares with the world educational yoga that can blend with healthcare as a therapeutic supplement to traditional care. She leads high-level trainings all over the world.

IG: @tiffanycruikshank

Amy Ippoliti

Yoga educator, author, earth activist, and studio owner, Amy has been revolutionizing the way we approach yoga for years. She is based in Colorado and there’s always something to ponder as she contributes her knowledge of yoga (& life).

IG: @amyippoliti

Shiva Rea

Well-known and well-loved, Shiva Rea is a worldwide yoga instructor, creative artist, and founder of PranaVinyasa & Global School for Living Yoga. She is passionate about and encourages sacred activism, natural spirituality, energized movement, and living with compassion.

IG: @shivarea108

Mary Beth LaRue

Mary Beth is a yoga teacher, mentor, and writer. She co-founded Rock Your Bliss, a mission to help people live their best, most satisfying lives. As this inspirational leader and foster mom guides others to their own success and happiness, she leads a sustainable and fulfilling life herself.

IG: @marybethlarue

Colleen Saidman

Based out of New York City, Colleen has been inspiring the yoga community for over 30 years. She’s an author, the owner of Yoga Shanti studios and leads yoga all over the world. She also co-founded Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, a wellbeing mission designed to treat patients and not just their disease, and revolutionize healthcare.

IG: @colleensaidman

Benjamin Sears 

Benjamin found yoga after a series of physical and emotional traumas, and he now runs LUXYOGA, a wellness and lifestyle retreat in France. He teaches yogis and instructors all over the world and coined his signature practice Sacred Geometry Vinyasa, which empowers students through their own skillful progress and mindful development.

IG: @benjamin.sears

Carling Nicole

Leading yoga workshops all over the world, Carling is also a writer and co-owner of a Los Angeles yoga studio. She inspires others to find their own their own uniqueness in their practice while fostering the mind-body connection.

IG: @carlingnicole

Chelsey Korus

Teaching yoga since the age of 15, Chelsey is a New York City yoga and movement expert. She majored in not just dance, but theater and vocal performance too! Her insanely deft flows, poses, and gym tricks astonish and inspire followers.

IG: @chelseykorus 

Kino MacGregor

Kino is known by many as one of the youngest certified Ashtanga yogis. This traditionally trained yogi opened her own yoga studio in Miami where she now resides. She is also an author and has launched her own yoga network, called Om Stars. Her go-getter, fearless attitude inspires as she strikes unbelievable poses with a smile on her face. And luckily, you can practice with Kino on DYY!

IG: @kinoyoga

Sadie Nardini

Creator of Yoga Shred and HIIT Fusion, Sadie’s style of teaching and practicing yoga is anatomical and creative, with a dash of rock and roll. She’s also a singer, empowerment speaker, and healthy lifestyle leader inspiring thousands daily. Try one of Sadie’s classes on DYY!

IG: @sadienardiniofficial

Tara Stiles

Co-founder of global yoga studio Strala Yoga, Tara has been making yoga more accessible to everyone for over a decade. One of the first yogis on social media, she has been leading yogis all over the world, both in person and virtually (on platforms like YouTube). She is also a published author and mother who now radiates her light from Brooklyn.

IG: @tarastiles

MC Yogi

Nicholas Giacomini, aka MC Yogi, brings the beats to yoga! He is a musician, yogi, author, and avid activist that posts influential content. He is on tour in 2018 and strives to bring good music and energy to all.

IG: @mcyogi

Kia Miller

As the creator of Radiant Body Yoga, Kia’s mission is to provide a holistic and all-inclusive approach to yoga. She is a Kundalini teacher and often shares with Instagram her unique wisdom and keen awareness.

IG: @kiamilleryoga

Valerie Sagun

A yogi inspiring others through yoga and her book, Big Gal Yoga, Valerie preaches self-love and acceptance. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, she’s also an artist and body positivity influencer.

IG: @biggalyoga

Deborah Hanekamp

Coined by Vogue as “fashion’s favorite healer,” Deborah (aka Mama Medicine) has over 17 years of experience in the art of natural healing. Her gracefully curated Instagram page is decorated with dreamy baths, pretty healing rituals, and crystals galore. She inspires others to #beyourownhealer.

IG: @mamamedicine

Natalie Kuhn

Interspersed with thought-provoking quotes and touching images, Natalie’s Instagram is a reflection of motivation and revelation. She is the executive director and a founding teacher of The Class, “a cathartic fitness experience.”

IG: @thisisnatalie

Jason Crandell

Jason has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and has established himself as one of the yoga world’s leading anatomy-based instructors. He hosts a successful podcast called Yogaland and empowers others through his artful approach to yoga. On Instagram, we especially love his educational “Pose Notebook” posts where he breaks down key points in poses.

IG: @jason_crandell

Elena Brower

Elena’s down-to-earth demeanor, not to mention her proven yoga track record, attracts many followers. She’s a mother, author, and teacher based in New York City. She also started the platform,, a virtual space for teachers to connect and learn.

IG: @elenabrower

Jaycee Gossett

Jaycee is a founding teacher and the director of training and development of The Class. Her innovative and authentic approach to fitness and wellness inspires her followers, and her infectious smile just makes you feel free!

IG: @jayceegossett

Taryn Toomey

The founder of The Class, the soul-nourishing fitness program, Taryn is #goals. She’s a mindful mama, wellness aficionado, and innovative leader who guides others to transform into their best self.

IG: @taryntoomey

Guru Jagat

A modern-day leader of Kundalini Yoga, Guru Jagat is bringing the ancient and transformative practice mainstream. She’s the founder and CEO of Rama Global, a poet, and an author. She also created a women’s movement and influences women’s empowerment with leadership workshops all over the world.

IG: @gurujagat

Melissa Lee

Alberta-based yoga instructor Melissa (aka Pocket Dwarf) received her training from Yoga Medicine. She posts inspirational content while sharing personally deep and relatable words.  We just can’t get over those gorgeous Canadian backdrops with her breathtaking poses though!

IG: @pocketdwarf

Caley Alyssa

Caley is a yoga instructor, brand consultant, and speaker based in Los Angeles. She is the creator of Women Catalysts, which offers events coast-to-coast for “women on a mission”. Inspiring others, she gracefully spreads compassion, health, happiness, and love through all of her ventures.

IG: @caleyalyssa

Brittany Danielle

Brittany is known online as Crazy Curvy Yoga and is a body positive yoga instructor. As a North Carolina-based mother and yoga teacher, she confidently spreads body awareness while empowering others.

IG: @crazycurvy_yoga

Tie Simpson

Also known as the Hippie Heathen, Tie shares her knowledge of yoga as well as her individual #JourneyToSelf. She’s a “Creative Entrepreneur” as a yoga instructor, podcast host, artist, writer, and mother—showing us all that women can do it all!

IG: @hippie_heathen

Cetin Cetintas

Cetin is a traveling yoga instructor and author with hundreds of thousands of followers. He is originally from Turkey and has trained at various monasteries throughout Asia. Followers are especially intrigued by his awe-inspiring poses in beautiful locations.

IG: @cetincetintas

Vytas Baskauskas

Inspiring tens of thousands, Vytas is a yoga instructor, father, and businessman. He is the founder of Udaya Yoga, an online streaming platform for yoga. He resides in California where he leads others to a better version of themselves daily.

IG: @vytasyoga

Serra Sagra

Serra is a traveling yoga instructor from Turkey that has taught in over 30 countries. She shares with others her extensive knowledge from her in-depth yoga trainings as well as wisdom from her deeply immersive experiences.

IG: @serrasagra

Candice Neo

Candice inspires others to practice yoga through her at-home yoga practice and relatable posts. She also offers helpful insights like the benefits of specific yoga postures.

IG: @yogineo

Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

As a yoga instructor, researcher, and global Lululemon ambassador, Chelsea is truly an inspiration and asset to the yoga community. In 2013, she created a Yoga, Literature, and Art camp for teen girls and she is currently working on a yoga and literacy program for Atlanta area youth organizations.

IG: @chelsealovesyoga

Melissa Eckman

Melissa is the health, yoga, and fitness genius behind MelisFit and Yogspiration. She’s a yoga instructor, writer, model, and entrepreneur leading people to their healthiest self. We’re especially fond of her helpful before-and-after pose photos on Instagram.

IG: @melisfit_

Sophie Jaffe

A raw food chef, yoga instructor, and mindful mama, Sophie is forging the wellness path and showing us how it’s done! She shares valuable insights to help make a healthy life easier while her wellness company, Philosophie, provides healthy delicious food options.

IG: @sophie.jaffe

Holly Fiske


Known on social media as the UpsideDownMama, Holly is a yoga instructor, mother, writer, and an ethical and eco-conscious clothing designer and business owner. As a strong, empowered woman, she emulates what a positive life of balance looks like with an audience of over 100 thousand.

IG: @upsidedownmama

Image credit: Sanàa Jaman

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