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11 Empowering Mantras for an Instant Confidence Boost

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Words have the ability to lift us up or tear us down. When’s the last time you beamed under praise, or felt your whole day go down the drain at the mere utterance of an unkind remark? Words are powerful.

You can harness this power by carefully and intentionally choosing a phrase or mantra to carry with you throughout the day. Here are some confidence-boosting mantras that’ll pick you up faster than a double shot of matcha.

1. I am Confident.

Ever heard of the acronym KISS (keep it simple)? Sometimes a minimalistic method is best. Simply using the word “confident” in your daily mantras is a great way to keep your mind on the goal. Chanting it internally or vocally is a surefire way to up your vibe.

2. I Have Everything I Need to Succeed.

It’s hard to take the first step when we don’t feel prepared. Reassuring yourself that you are indeed ready to take the bull by the horns is a conscious step towards empowerment. Success doesn’t come to those who are “ready” – it comes to those who are willing.

3. I Believe in Myself.

As cheesy as this one may sound, it’s a necessary staple in a daily affirmation practice. And here’s the ironic part – whether you believe it or not, it still works. Negative thoughts may surface, but the subconscious mind hears this one loud and clear.

4. I am on the Right Path.

The grass may seem greener on the other side, but once we realize that we are exactly where we need to be, we stop looking over the fence. There’s a lesson found in every bump in the road, so travel your path with wonder, curiosity, and (of course) confidence.

5. I Use My Power Wisely.

Confidence can quickly become carelessness if we don’t use it with mindful purpose. This mantra helps us find that sweet spot in between, helping us balance our newfound power and influence.

6. I Embrace My Inner Sun.

This is a great mantra to practice alongside solar plexus–based yoga poses. The core of the body is where our confidence is held, and engaging with it helps us stoke the inner fires.

7. I Navigate the Highs and the Lows with Ease.

Confidence can quickly dissolve when we encounter challenges. Chant this powerful mantra while visualizing riding with the tides and smooth-sailing your way to more gentle waters. Remember: the highs aren’t highs without some lows thrown in for perspective.

8. I am Worthy.

Some of us feel that we’re not worthy of confidence to begin with. This often deeply-integrated false belief makes us put up a proverbial wall, preventing growth and acceptance from taking root. Blast away the inner critic by aligning yourself with worth.

9. I Exude Strength.

This one is more about inner confidence than physical strength (unless you’re trying to manifest rock-hard abs). Imagine every cell of your being filled with a resonant inner strength as you let your figurative cape flap in the wind Superman-style.

10. I Inspire Those Around Me.

Sometimes confidence arises when we feel that we’re making an impact on those around us. Consider everyone whose life you’ve touched and hold onto that warm and fulfilling feeling. You may take this one a step further by adding “and those around me inspire me, in turn.”

11. If I can See it, I can Achieve it.

Once again, mantras go very well with visualization. And, as we all know by now, the subconscious brain doesn’t comprehend the difference between fantasy and reality. Therefore, seeing your confident self in your mind’s eye makes her all the more real. Have fun with this one and daydream away!

Keep your mantras visible for daily reminders and inspiration. (The old post-it-on-the-mirror technique is a cliché because it works.) The beauty of an affirmation practice is that you can literally do it anywhere – on your commute, in line, or before bed. Simply set an intention to chant daily and enjoy the resulting confidence boost!

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