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5 Mindful & Healthy Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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Several years ago, I had a Mother’s Day epiphany. In my first years as a mom, I had really treated Mother’s Day like almost every other day. Yes, I would get flowers or a fun meal cooked for me, along with a handmade card from my little boy, but in general, my mindset was still focused outward, on making sure it was a nice day for other people, particularly the other mothers in my life.

At some point, I realized that Mother’s Day was a great reason to set that all aside and focus unapologetically on myself. What did I want to do that day? How did I want to spend it? At first, truth be told, it felt a little bit selfish. The world can whisper that lie to moms when we dare to care for ourselves first. I refused to believe it. Instead, I realized that it was really important for me to honor myself on this day and to take time to rest and renew.

If you are looking for some new ideas for your next Mother’s Day, read on for five ways that you can celebrate yourself and your hard work in mindful and healthy ways.

1. Practice Yoga (of Course!)

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Many yoga studios offer special classes on Mother’s Day. Some even make these classes free for moms. Others do special things like hand out a flower to the moms in the class. Yoga is a great way to start your day and no matter what you have planned, it will create a foundation of centeredness that will carry you through this holiday. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even take two yoga classes that day!

2. Get Grateful

Whether you are a mother yourself or not, Mother’s Day is a wonderful chance to notice and celebrate the other moms in your life. How can you say thank you to your own mother, or perhaps to someone else in your life who has taken on that role? Perhaps you rely heavily on your mom friends for support. What a great day to tell them how grateful you are for all they’ve done. A simple, handwritten note can often be the best gift on this special day.

3. Take a Break

Image credit: Alissa

I try to take a retreat at least once a year – a few days for myself away from the demands of modern life. Mother’s Day weekend is a great opportunity to take a break from doing the dishes, folding laundry, running the carpool, and checking homework.

Maybe you’ll find a yoga retreat, or you might just spend a night at a local hotel. Either way, stepping out of your responsibilities for a night or two can be incredibly rewarding. Can’t get away? Try a mini-retreat such as getting a massage at a local spa.

4. Accept What Is

I don’t think I’m the only person who sometimes struggles with holidays. For many of us, they are a reminder of someone who is no longer with us. For others, it can highlight a challenging relationship or other types of loss. Holidays can come with a very specific type of pressure, especially if we compare our challenging feelings to other people’s happy pictures on social media.

I like to remind myself two things: it’s just another day and everyone smiles in pictures. If this day is tough for you, for any reason, know that you don’t have to force anything. Take care of yourself and know that you are not alone.

5. Dig Into the Divine Feminine

Finally, Mother’s Day is a wonderful chance to reflect on the role of the divine feminine in our lives. Spend some time reflecting or journaling about what it means to be a woman and a mother. You might say a prayer or make an offering to the Goddess Shakti, who represents the feminine energy in the universe. To be a mother is to love fiercely and without bounds. That is definitely something to celebrate.

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