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Just 13 Hilarious Memes For Anyone Who Loves Sleep

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There are few things in life as glorious as a good night’s sleep. There is just nothing better than curling up with your favorite blanket and forgetting all your troubles for a few hours—8 to 9 hours, ideally! Unfortunately, with early wake up times and overactive monkey brains, sleep can be elusive, which honestly makes it even more appealing.

Cat naps, long naps, full nights of rest—we love them all, as long as there’s sleep involved. If you’re a sleep junkie like we are, you will definitely relate to these hilarious memes about one of life’s greatest pleasures.

1. Oh sleep, my old friend, it is good to see you.

Credit: Dailylolpics

Never leave me again.

2. The only weekend plans you ever really need.


And secretly the only plans you’re actually looking forward to.

3. Raise your hand if you genuinely wish this was your life.


Sigh. If only.

4. But the reality looks more like this.


Truly one of life’s greatest tragedies.

5. Getting enough sleep is hard. So you’ve got to make the most of it.


And if you hit your alarm twice, you could get five EXTRA minutes. Score!

6. Is there a worse feeling?


No, no there is not.

7. Which is why the snooze button is my best friend.


Wake me up when I’m no longer a potato…AKA, never.

8. The early bird gets the worm?


Whatever, I’d rather have sleep.

9. The true story of my mornings.


What I NEED is more sleep!

10. What’s even better than a good night’s sleep? A really great nap.


Never let anyone stand in the way of your passion. Or your naps.

11. Nap time is sacred. Do not interrupt.


There will be consequences.

12. When you see a kid complaining about having to take a nap.


How did sleep ever seem like a punishment?!

13. Because let’s be honest, sleep is the best hobby.


Just let me be unconscious already!

Sleep is great, and honestly, we could probably all use more of it! If you love sleep but struggle to enough of it, check out our guide to bedtime yoga for better sleep so you can toss and turn less and blissfully sleep more! 

Did you know?

When you commit to building heathy sleep habits, you take the first step to become your healthiest self – one full night of good sleep at a time. Check out our Complete Guide to Sleep Disorders – a resource to help you get your quality sleep back. Learn more about sleep disorders, their causes, symptoms and how to overcome them.

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