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10 Mantras to Practice Gratitude on the Daily

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Gratitude is a powerful tool that we can use to live a more meaningful, compassionate life. The amazing thing about gratitude is that you can actually cultivate more of it by simply acting more grateful. Along the lines of “fake it ‘til you make it,” the more we practice gratitude, the more grateful we actually become. 

One of many studies that has proved just this concept was completed by Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough when they compared the well-being of participants who kept weekly accounts of what they were grateful for versus those who kept lists of things that irritated them. As you might expect, the gratitude-focused participants improved their well-being and it was concluded that, “a conscious focus on blessings may have emotional and interpersonal benefits.” 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with life, try placing your hands over your heart, closing your eyes and repeating any of these simple phrases to yourself.

1. Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.

This Louise Hay affirmation can remind us that we are exactly where we need to be in each moment and that every experience we face is contributing to our growth. 

2. Nowhere to be, nothing to do, nothing to fix.

I love using this little reminder especially during times throughout the day when I’m trying to relax and can’t seem to turn my brain off, like at the end of a Yoga class or while unwinding from a long day of work.

3. I have everything I need.

In this exact moment, is there anything wrong? Anything that you truly need right now? Most likely you have everything you need in this moment.

4. I appreciate the abundance in my life and I allow myself to expand in gratitude, success and joy everyday.

Try this simple exercise:

Sit in a comfortable position, place your hands over your heart and close your eyes. Bring to mind one thing that you are truly grateful for right now. Breathe into that person or thing and focus on the sensations in your body that arise from gratitude and joy. What does gratitude feel like in your body? 

Take a few deep breaths, continuing to concentrate on these sensations of gratitude or love. Then with every exhale imagine this feeling expanding in your body. Keep expanding the feelings of love and joy as you exhale until it completely surrounds you and finally grows so big to touch everything around you. Continue breathing and imagining the light of gratitude surrounding your whole town or city and until it expands around the entire planet.

5. Dhanya Vad

This sanskrit phrase meaning “I am grateful” can be used as a mantra throughout the day to naturally calm your mind.

6. Thank your food, and thank it well.

Before every meal is a beautiful time to practice gratitude. Whether you say a prayer or give thanks in your own way, take 1 minute to tune into the food on your plate. Really become mindful of the colors and texture and reflect on all the hands who contributed to bringing it to your plate. From the farmers to the truck drivers to the person who cooked, give thanks.

7. Gratitude brings me into a harmonious relationship with the good in everyone and everything that surrounds me.

Gratitude has to ability to naturally lift you up, bringing you to a higher vibration and attracting a  higher quality of energy, so remind yourself of that!

8. Life is a dream. Everything I am looking for is already on its way.

This sweet reminder is a beautiful affirmation to use when first waking up in the morning or right before falling asleep.

9. In this very moment I am grateful for…

Set aside a moment in your day, perhaps before starting the workday to contemplate about one thing you are grateful for. This easy exercise will immediately take you out of your busy routine and help you drop into a place of fulfilment. 

10. I clearly see all there is to be grateful for in life. I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude.

You might be thinking that much of this is obvious, yet throughout our days we so frequently forget to tune into this type of understanding. Instead of noticing how many blessings already surround us, we usually fall into patterns of feeling lack and desire. We hope you use these ten simple reminders or mantras to keep you grounded in gratitude throughout your day.

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