A Pre-Coffee Morning Routine For Confidence & Energy

If your intention is to cultivate a life where your confidence shines through and guides the way, then you will likely need to wake up each morning and clarify that objective for the day ahead – and not just with mantras spoken into a mirror- with action! Here is a mini routine you can add to your morning, to allow your confidence to begin glowing as soon as the sun rises.

Bend over Backward to Find Your Confident Camel Pose

Ustrasana, or camel pose, is an intermediate backbend that stretches the entire front of the body and strengthens the back. It challenges your ability to be vulnerable, as the entire front body is open. Explore this vulnerability by using breath to relax and explore what feels good. With a bit of patience and awareness, you can cultivate confidence and build up to camel pose wit

How Yoga Turns Your Physical Limitations into Superpowers

The practice of yoga encourages a dissolution of the ego, so that we can truly feel into the present moment without attachment or aversion, including an acceptance of where our physical body is in that time and space. It is thus a great practice for feeling that our physical limitations are not limitations at all, but instead an experience from which we can feel empowered to find space and strengt

7 Gentle Poses to Explore for a Happy Pregnancy

Your body is working incredibly hard to create a healthy environment for your growing baby. Yoga is a chance to add energy rather than create more demand on your body. It is an opportunity to be empowered and advocate for what feels good and what does not in your unique body. Take time to explore your beautiful body and bond with your baby with these 7 poses.

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