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The 7 Best Yoga Pants to Buy in 2018

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A quality pair of yoga leggings can be hard to come by, which is exactly why our team of experts here at DYY compiled a list of our favorite yoga bottoms. Crafted by yoga instructors and writers who’ve moved, breathed, and traveled in these pants, we’ve factored in all of the important aspects that go into a great legging fit for all of your athleisure needs.

So save the time searching, trying on, and testing yoga pants because we’ve done the trial and error part for you. Here’s our list of the absolute best yoga pants currently out there (in no particular order, and DYY has no affiliation whatsoever with the brands or companies listed).

1. Athleta – Salutation ⅞ Tight

Hot Yoga Must-Have

Contributor: KC Whitsett

Price: $79

Buy: Athleta

These leggings check all the boxes for my “dream home” leggings wishlist. The fabric is comfortable, yet supportive; not too slick (good for sweaty practices that include arm balances), yet super flattering.

Fit & Functionality

As a petite gal with a sturdy booty, the waistband is high enough to provide enough coverage, while the ⅞ length shows a little ankle for a flattering look. These pants come in short, regular, and tall lengths. I’ve had mine for years, and they keep their shape wear after wear, wash after wash.

To put the cherry on top, the powervita fabric utilizes an anti-smell technology. So, these pants are great for multiple wears without washing. It helps support a gal who’s trying to live in an eco-friendly world AND a gal on-the-go after class.

Favorite Factors

Athleta’s mission values the power of women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, and the fit of their clothes stay true to this mission.

2. Nike – Dri-Fit Work Out Training Capri Pant

Affordable & Versatile

Contributor: Sasha de Beausset

Price: $27.53

Buy: Amazon

These pants are perfect for beginners, or for women who practice other physical activities in addition to yoga.

Fit & Functionality

The Nike Dri-Fit Work Out Training Capri Pants are mid-waist, stretchy, and looser-fit, thanks to its 12% spandex jersey fabric. It reaches about mid-calf where it flares below the knee, so it might be longer than most capri pants. The material is thick, which is helpful if you like a slightly more modest look, and love doing yoga outdoors.

The mid-waist keeps the pants from shifting, and capris allow you to grab your ankle for poses like the Dancer’s Pose, the Standing Forward Bend, or Bow Posture. If you tend to sweat during yoga, the trademark Nike Dri-FIT technology will keep you comfortable and dry for your whole session.

Favorite Factors

I am all about functionality. In addition to needing durable yoga pants (because I will often stay in them to do post-yoga gardening and cleaning around the house), I want one that I can also use to do cycling and weight-lifting. It has a thicker material that doesn’t shift or stretch out, and the waist doesn’t dig into my hips. And because it is black, it goes with all of my tops. It’s versatile – I wear it as mid-waist pants, but you can also fold over the waistband for a low-waist look.

3. Alo – High-Waist Moto Legging

Perfect for Day into Night

Contributor: Jeanne Heileman

Price: $114

Buy:Alo Yoga

These high-waist leggings are designed to give you a spring in your yoga practice. They can easily move into your day or evening wear. The designed webbing provides a function of support while also enhancing the silhouette of the legs and hips.

Fit & Functionality

These pants hug the body in a way that doesn’t cling and grip, allowing hours of wear-time without feeling constricted. The waistband is wide and designed to hold in the lower belly with a pleasant firmness. They reach all the way to the ankle, even for longer-legged yogis. Possibly the best aspect of the pants is the webbing at certain parts of the leg—not only does it help all legs look more shapely, it also provides extra support and a bit of cushion.

Favorite Factors

Since I have long legs, I appreciate that these pants reach to my ankle. The webbing detail lands just at the right spots, especially around the knee joint to protect it in yoga postures. I love the way that the pants offer a firm support of continued circulation all over my legs and pelvis. Instead of that constricted feeling after a few hours, I can wear these pants all day long.

Between teaching appointments, I pop on a pair of boots and a longer top and appear fashionable without even trying. Sometimes I wonder if it’s me or the pants that have helped me master my practice, especially on days when I’m really tired.

4. Prana – Remy Yoga Pants

For the Sleek & Stylish

Contributor: Laura Heggs

Price: $35- $85 (depending on color and size)

Buy: REI

If you are ever self conscious about walking around in yoga pants after a class, Prana’s Remy yoga pants are designed for you. The extra folder over top keeps your bum warmer and offer a flattering alternative to traditional yoga pants.

Fit & Functionality

These leggings are made of recycled, stretched jersey material, allowing the pants to stretch with you in any yoga pose. They are mid-rise, keeping you covered and comfortable. The fold-over, cinched material acts like a skirt to lay over the bum, and the material helps to keep you warm. They are lightweight, form-fitting and super soft. I have also found them to be durable and able to fit in seamlessly with an active, multitasking lifestyle.

Favorite Factors

These leggings are my favorite because they are multifunctional, cute, and eco-friendly. The fit looks and feels flattering. The soft stretch of the fabric makes you want to lounge around in them all day. I also appreciate the fold-over skirt, which quite literally “dresses” yoga pants up for running errands, grabbing a coffee, or meeting with friends.

I also like to support Prana, a brand that continues to be eco-conscious and eco-friendly by using recycled and sustainable materials for its products!

5. Ohmme – 2-dogs, Lined Men’s Yoga Shorts

Great for Men

Contributor: Bruce Chung

Price: $56

Buy: Ohmme


Designed with hot yoga classes and animal flow practices in mind, the 2-Dogs are a sweat-wicking, form-fitting, and free-moving shorts, perfect for the active gent.

Fit & Functionality

The 2-Dogs are lined with a soft compression layer that allows freedom of movement while holding everything in place. The outer layer is a polyester jersey that is soft to the touch yet provides a durable elasticity. The two layers combined provide maximum comfort while offering flexibility to move from Hanumanasana to Vasisthasana B with ease. And although tight, there is a lot of stretch in both materials that allows excellent blood flow.

The 2-Dogs are also sweat-wicking and wrinkle-resistant, making them perfect for a sweaty Vinyasa class or a hike on a summer’s day. The compression layer provides comfort and support so there is no need for underwear. And because they are slightly longer than the shell, you’ll be as stylish as you are comfortable.

Favorite Factors

The 2-Dogs are my favourite shorts because of their simple design that provides freedom of movement, which is important to me as a yoga practitioner, yoga teacher, and lover of outdoor activities. They are incredibly versatile, allowing me to wear my 2-Dogs not just at yoga, but for runs and hikes as well. They go well with a basic t-shirt and coffee with a friend.

The price-point makes them a competitive choice but along with its affordability, you are also given durability. I have owned my 2-Dogs for over a year and a half, and given how frequently I’ve worn and washed them, they are still in excellent condition.

6. New Balance – Evolve Soft Pant

Best for Comfort

Contributor: Ling Beisecker

Price: 84.99 USD

Buy: New Balance

New Balance creates a contemporary redesign on the classic harem or “hammer” pant. The Evolve Soft Pant are 88% polyester and 12% spandex and designed for yoga. The relaxed silhouette makes them ideal for meditation or flow classes, as well as perfect over shorts for heated flow classes. They are currently available in Black or Heather Charcoal and sizes XS-XL.

Fit & Functionality

Created from ultra soft and breathable plush terry, the Evolve Soft Pant is versatile and cosy, perfect for long-distance traveling or effortless movement between the studio and the streets. The mid-rise elastic waistband has a traditional elastic look and feel on the sides and back, while the front is smoother for a more flattering and tailored look.

The drop-crotch invites unrestricted mobility while the tapered leg with a bottom-hem cinch keeps the pants from sliding down the calf when practicing Flip Dog. In addition, there are two hand pockets that made of a netting-type fabric that gives both shape and support.

Favorite Factors

As a recent Boston transplant, I am learning to treasure all that this great city has to offer and gave these pants a try since New Balance is a Boston-based company! Originally, I was a bit self-conscious about the drop-crotch. But I found myself wearing the Evolve Soft Pant at least once a week because of the ease in movement and cosy feel. Especially in the winter months as I embrace hygge, these pants are my go-to for my morning yoga and meditation practice. I am impressed that they have maintained their original softness wash after wash.

7. C9 Champion – Embrace Flare Pants

Long-Lasting Go-To

Contributor: Hannah Leatherbury

Price: $30

Buy: Target

These pants are versatile, durable, and humble. They work well for walking the dog, practicing yoga and shopping at the grocery store. They are not just my favorite yoga pants, they are my favorite all-the-time pants. And they have a variety of sizes ranging from XS to XXL.

Fit & Functionality

Embrace Flare Pants are stretchy and durable around your hips and bum (e.g. you will never see through them when you bend over in Down Dog!). Their low-rise construction flatters your waistline, and a small pocket along the front seam conveniently holds a house key, a doggie poop bag, or a little cash.

The flare at the bottom of the pants leaves breathing room around your ankles to easily pair with comfy socks, street shoes, and boots. They are 85% spandex and 15% polyester, making them feel lightweight without being too thin.

Favorite Factors

I can’t say enough about having a pair of pants that can serve me just like my jeans used to. As I get older, the buttons on jeans just irk me. Now I have pants that I feel comfortable going about my day in without needing to make a special change at the yoga studio. Also, I really respect a fabric that can stretch without becoming see-through, but that also breathes well. The Embrace Flare pants have that.

So next time you’re in the market for new yoga pants (because who couldn’t use another pair), just refer to this tried-and-true guide. With a wide range of styles, prices, sizes, and fits, there is a yoga bottom for everybody. Happy shopping!

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