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Your Guide to Outdoor Yoga

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The great outdoors. There's a reason they're so great. Calming, beautiful, and you can do so many activities there… including yoga, of course!

Because we love being outside so much, we've compiled everything you need to know about outdoor yoga. From yoga to help with your gardening, to a list of things to keep in mind, and even a cool yoga demo, we've got you covered. So grab your mat (or not!), find the nearest shady tree, and get ready to really connect with nature.

Acroyogis in positionStunning Demonstration Mixes Beauty of AcroYoga and Nature (VIDEO)

This amazing video by Filip Jedraszak features two acroyogis maneuvering through incredible sequences with style and grace. Watch here…

Outdoor YogaHow To Find Balance With Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga really makes for beautiful photos. But how many of us know what it feels like to practice outside of the studio? Read more…

doing yoga outdoors7 Things to Remember When Doing Yoga Outdoors

Summer, no doubt our favorite time of the year, is almost synonymous to the outdoors — also without a doubt a locational preference for the nature aficionados among us. Read more…

8 Ways Your Surroundings Can Make (or Break) Your Yoga Session8 Ways Your Surroundings Can Make (or Break) Your Yoga Session

Here are a few factors to consider when creating the perfect surroundings for your yoga session and practice. Read more…

7 Yoga Poses You Can Do on a Walk7 Yoga Poses You Can Do on a Walk

Next time you take a stroll or a hike in the woods, here are some yoga poses you can do and incorporate into your walk to get that extra bit of movement into your day. Read more…

10 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Summer Yoga10 Ways to Stay Hydrated for Summer Yoga

When the weather cooperates, practicing outside can bring an extra sense of peace to your practice, helping you really connect with yourself as you connect with your surroundings. Read more…

6 Great Yoga Poses For Gardeners6 Great Yoga Poses for Gardeners (and Other Outdoor Lovers)

This year, when I was doing my first weeding and trimming to clear away the winter growth, it occurred to me that I know a really good way to prevent these pains. Yep, yoga. Read more…

A Calming, No-Frills Outdoor Yoga Demo (VIDEO)A Calming, No-Frills Outdoor Yoga Demo (VIDEO)

There’s something about this outdoor yoga video that just feels so raw — no props, no hair or makeup styling, dirty feet — heck, she doesn’t even use a mat. Watch here…

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