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7 Things To Remember When Doing Yoga Outdoors

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Summer, no doubt our favorite time of the year, is almost synonymous to the outdoors — also without a doubt a locational preference for the nature aficionados among us. So deciding to take our yoga outdoors, in the warmth of the summer sun, is only a natural progression this time of the year.

Watch out though, yogis, for the several dangers that lurk on the pool deck and in the sand. Here are 7 things to keep in mind when doing yoga under the warmth of the summer sun.

1. Stay Hydrated

For a safe and successful yoga session, don’t forget to load up on water. Bring a water bottle with you so you can quench your thirst—and your body’s water refilling needs—in an arm’s reach.

2. Avoid Hard Surfaces

Aside from being uncomfortable for your feet, the surface is also likely to irritate your skin. In any case, do use a yoga mat to protect your joints and skin!

3. Avoid Uneven Terrain

This includes sand surface areas as well spots in the park where the ground may be uneven, or at an incline. You don’t want such surfaces to interfere with your balance—another invitation for injury.

4. Be Careful In The Sand

You see it everywhere: Images of yogis achieving utter zen in the face of the horizon, stretched out beyond the ocean. But you’d like to be very careful about doing yoga in the sand because of its uneven surface, where you risk twisting your joints among other injuries.

We’d recommend you to use a mat, but even then, place it where the sand is densely packed and as least likely to shift as possible.

5. Watch Out For Bugs

No, you don’t want to get in their way, lest you don’t mind them tracing your limbs as part of your zen-achieving ritual. This is especially important when doing yoga on the grass.

You may also want to look for ticks, sticks, rocks, poisonous plants, and the homes of other multi-legged crawlies before laying down your mat. Oh, and if you know there might be mosquito, bring some repellent.

6. Bring Sunblock

Lather on some skin protection 30 minutes before heading for the outdoors with your mat, but don’t forget to wash your hands dry so you don’t slip on your mat. Or the deck. Or sand. Or the ground.

7. Watch Out For Splinters

Yes, the idea of doing yoga by the pool sounds refreshing and sexy. But you don’t want a sliver of woodwork inching its way under the surface of your skin while you’re at it.

Be sure to use a mat, and also one with a sticky surface — another thing you don’t want is to slip and fall right in front of that cute lifeguard.

As you see, it all comes down to bringing your mat, watching where you put it, using sun screen and drinking enough. Be wise and don't let the easily avoidably troubles spoil your perfect, summery, outdoorsy yoga session.

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