Prenatal Yoga Safety Precautions

Prenatal yoga can be a great form of exercise for pregnant women. However, even before engaging in any form of exercise it is best to consult your physician. We can read all the pregnancy books in the library but keep in mind that all pregnancies are different. Having said this, you should always exercise prenatal yoga at a pace you’re comfortable with, not putting too much pressure on yourself and your baby.

The Perfect Yoga Pants

Finding the right pair of jeans can be tough. You have to find one that fits your legs, crotch, and butt just right, isn't too long for your height, fits your waist without giving you a "muffin top," and falls just right. The same may be said when looking for the perfect yoga pants; except in this case, you also have to factor in the stretch ability of the material used, the thickness of the fabric, and the support it provides.

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