The Perfect Yoga Clothes for Women

So you've finally decided to sign up for that yoga for beginners class, and you've done your research on just about everything you think you would need to know about practicing yoga. But before you jump the gun and head to your first yoga for beginners class, let us remind you of one of the very basic requirements for doing yoga – the perfect workout clothes. If you're in doubt about what you should wear for your next class, we suggest you ditch your trusty Juicy Couture sweats and read on to find out what would be the perfect yoga clothes for women.

The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Women

One of the main factors that have made yoga so wildly popular is the flexibility of its routine. Sure, endorsements from Hollywood celebs like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, and Miranda Kerr helped a lot, but it’s the flexibility of routine that have sustained the popularity of this ancient Indian practice. Anyone can do yoga positions, but if you’re serious about the craft, you would know that it’s the perfect combination of different yoga poses that will really get you the optimal physical and spiritual results. Here are the 10 best yoga poses for women that will get results when used in right combinations.

The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Men

Despite the crazy heights of popularity it has reached among men and women alike, some men still think yoga is feminine or just not “cool”. If you’re one of those macho guys who think yoga’s not for them, think of this: you will be in a room where you’ll see women in fitted clothing, getting sweaty, doing stretches, and bending their bodies in different ways. We don’t know about you, but we imagine most guys would find that VERY cool.

But more importantly, the thing about yoga that you should REALLY look into is how it can strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility – something that even your favorite athletes work their butts off in the gym for. So if you’re open-minded and man enough to consider doing yoga, here are some awesome yoga poses that are especially recommended for men.

The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

We cannot stress enough how important your overall health is especially during pregnancy. And what better way to do this than by exercising? We’re not talking about hardcore exercise routines, just relaxing and easy-to-do yoga poses to keep you healthy and fit. And the benefit? A healthier and happier mom and baby!

Prenatal Yoga Safety Precautions

Prenatal yoga can be a great form of exercise for pregnant women. However, even before engaging in any form of exercise it is best to consult your physician. We can read all the pregnancy books in the library but keep in mind that all pregnancies are different. Having said this, you should always exercise prenatal yoga at a pace you’re comfortable with, not putting too much pressure on yourself and your baby.

The Perfect Yoga Pants

Finding the right pair of jeans can be tough. You have to find one that fits your legs, crotch, and butt just right, isn't too long for your height, fits your waist without giving you a "muffin top," and falls just right. The same may be said when looking for the perfect yoga pants; except in this case, you also have to factor in the stretch ability of the material used, the thickness of the fabric, and the support it provides.

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