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The Perfect Yoga Pants

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Finding the right pair of jeans can be tough. You have to find one that fits your legs, crotch, and butt just right, isn't too long for your height, fits your waist without giving you a "muffin top," and falls just right. The same may be said when looking for the perfect yoga pants; except in this case, you also have to factor in the stretch ability of the material used, the thickness of the fabric, and the support it provides.

Consider Capris

A lot of people are not really crazy about Capri pants, but you might want to consider this style the next time you go hunting for the perfect yoga pants. Loose or tight, these cropped pants make for great yoga clothes because they give you the material flexibility you need to do poses, AND you don't have to worry about accidentally stepping on the leg bottoms when switching positions. Skin-tight Capri leggings will also make it easy to see if your legs are in the right position or angle.

Look for Absorbent Materials

As any yoga blog will tell you, an important element to look for in yoga clothes (or even just with any kind of workout clothes) is their ability to absorb sweat. In the case of yoga, you don't want your mat to be soaked with sweat when you're halfway into a really good and strenuous workout. While cotton would seem to be the obvious choice for this, it’s not really a good material for yoga pants because it’s not that stretchable and would limit your movements. A Lycra blend or something in a Dri-Fit fabric is ideal for most types of yoga.

Form-fitting Yet Breathable

This is especially important if you are looking for yoga pants for a particular type of practice.  For example, hot ypga or Bikram yoga are practiced in an indoor heated room. So in this case, you’re going to need yoga pants that effectively absorb sweat and are stretchable enough. It would also do you a lot of good to look for pants that would allow your legs to breathe and let you cool off even when you’re practically swimming in your on sweat. In these cases, short pants are advisable. But suffice to say that practically any type of yoga will generate enough inner heat to cause you to sweat, so do take this into consideration when you shop for your next pair of pants.

So to sum up, the perfect yoga pants can be described as absorbent, stretchable, uses breathable materials, and has a style and cut that will not interfere with the many different yoga poses you’ll have to do. With this in mind, you can narrow down your choices and make it easier to find the perfect yoga pants.

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