10 Yoga Poses for Beginners

A yoga blog wouldn’t be complete without a list of yoga poses that would suit those who are just deciding, or have just started, to do this ancient Indian practice. Here we’ll tell you exactly how to do the best yoga positions to get you started on your physical and spiritual journey, each focusing on the best introductory pose for a certain series. Let’s kick this off with the basics, shall we?

Yoga Routines for the Hips

While yoga is a holistic and all-encompassing activity that engages all aspects of your body, there are specific poses (or asanas) that focus on certain areas. When you string a

Vinyasa Yoga Poses

Vinyasa yoga is all about movement, flow, and breath. This style of doing yoga is also often called Vinyasa Flow, or Flow yoga, because of the smooth and fluid transition from one pose to the next. As with other types of yoga, Vinyasa requires you to maintain a steady pattern of breathing, usually synchronized with your movements. But equally important is for you to time your movements with every breath so you will get the full effect of the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of this particular yogic tradition and style.

Jivamukti Yoga Poses

Jivamukti yoga was developed by David Life and Sharon Gannon with the goal of combining Vedic teachings and chanting with the fluid motion of smoothly transitioning from one pose to another. To achieve this fluid motion, Jivamukti yoga poses are typically ordered according to difficulty; you start with the simple breathing exercises then go into Sun Salutation and other poses. Jivamukti yoga poses are also usually named after elements of nature such as plants and animals.

Iyengar Yoga Poses

If you want to learn and do yoga but have recently suffered an injury and are undergoing (or have undergone) physical therapy, Iyengar is definitely one of the types of yoga you should consider taking up. The Iyengar style of yogic practice is known for its use of props and accessories like yoga blocks, blankets, towels, and bands, to make the poses not only easier or safer to do, but also to ensure the body's proper alignment is maintained all throughout. More than any other variation of yoga, Iyengar Yoga zones in on proper alignment to perform the poses or asanas in the best possible way, without incurring any risks of injury.

Power Yoga Poses

Power Yoga is one of the more popular types of yoga being taught and practiced today because it is marketed towards those who want a more fitness-based approach to doing yoga. Do a quick search of yoga for weight loss and you will find many sites that recommend doing Power Yoga poses to increase metabolism and burn fat. While Power Yoga may be effective in shedding pounds, it also brings other benefits like toning muscles, increasing muscle strength, and improving flexibility.

ISHTA Yoga Poses

Work, bills, deadlines, kids, social relationships… these are just some of the things that cause us stress in our daily lives. Too often, we become too consumed in one or two aspects of our lives that we start to neglect the others such as our physical, mental, and spiritual health. This is one reason yoga is popular worldwide; it creates a routine and venue for people to unwind, clear their minds, and achieve inner peace. Ishta yoga is one of the styles and types of yoga that specializes in this.

Hatha Yoga Poses

The term hatha refers to one of the branches of the yoga tradition, under which many other styles and types of yoga that we know today fall under. Its practice is traditionally holistic in nature, involving not only the physical aspect of doing asanas or poses, but also breathing, purification, and meditation. However, Hatha yoga as it is known today and taught in most studios, generally means using a classical approach to teach students the fundamental poses and breathing exercises done in yoga.

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