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4 Quick Tips To Improve Your Chaturanga Pose

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Don’t you love it when a yoga pose turns out to be incredibly more challenging to pull off than it seems? There’s something about the prospect of not doing so much and yet reaping the same benefits as you would in a more vigorous, active workout.

Now, two of the main difficulties are usually holding the pose for a long period of time, or getting into it in the first place. For the seemingly simple Four-Limbed Staff Pose, or Chaturanga Pose, here are 4 ways to achieve it correctly, safely, and in a manner that’s sure to get you the most out of it:

Your arms should form a right angle

Keep your elbows directly above your wrist.

Move with your heart and your heels

When transitioning from Plank to Chaturanga, don’t just drop your core—move your body forward, if need be.

Remember the shoulder blades

Don’t hunch and round your shoulders, but draw your shoulder blades together.

Watch the neck!

To avoid unwanted tension on your neck, gaze only a few inches in front of your fingertips, instead of upward. This will help protect your spine, too.

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