Benefits Of Pure Yoga

The extensive benefits of pure yoga have been documented in details in the ancient Indian scriptures. With time, this practice of combining different body postures with diverse breathing techniques to induce relaxation and offer multiple health benefits has grown to travel around the world and touch many lives. Today an increasing number of people are adopting it to stay healthy and happy. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Naomi Watts, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Biel credit yoga for their enviable figures and find it very easy to follow their routine even while they are traveling as long as they have a yoga mat.

Fashion And Functionality Of Yoga Apparel

Yoga enthusiasts understand the need to wear comfortable clothing while practicing yoga. Although yoga apparel is designed for those who practice yoga, many people have discovered that yoga apparel is comfortable for any type of exercise, or even to wear while running errands or as great-feeling casual wear.

Taking Classes for Yoga Online

Studying yoga online can be a great and economical way to learn the art of yoga while working at your own pace. Online classes allow you to complete each aspect of the lesson when it is convenient (but still, ideally, as part of a routine), making it a good choice for people who are busy with day jobs or classes and cannot take a yoga class in person. Yoga is a good way to awaken the mind and the body, and with the help of the internet, anyone can learn in a few short lessons.

Sweat Your Way To Physical Health With Hot Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful way to heal and strengthen the body. In addition, yoga instills calmness in the mind and nurtures the soul. While there are several types of yoga practices, hot yoga is definitely the boot camp of all yoga practices. The optimum temperature of the room is 95 degrees. However, some yoga rooms will have a temperature up to 100 degrees.

Why Yoga Benefits Your Mind and Body

If you've done your share of reading up on anything and everything related to yoga, you should know by now that yoga is practiced both for the physical and mental benefits it brings. Sure, yoga achieved mainstream popularity more as a satisfying fitness routine. But given how stressful life gets these days, more and more people are turning to yoga as a dual solution for their weight woes and stress or anxiety.

The Perfect Yoga Apparel

Shopping for yoga apparel is not that different from buying typical workout clothes. Both need to be "airy" and breathable, sweat-absorbent, and have a good, comfortable fit. One of the differences however is that yoga apparel needs to be made of material that has good stretch in it. Most yoga apparel are made of a combination of cotton and lycra; cotton is comfortable and does a good job absorbing sweat, while lycra provides the stretch in the clothes that students need to do bends, twists, folds, and other types of yoga poses.

The Most Important Yoga Positions

So you've signed up for a yoga for beginners class, and you have all the things you need including yoga clothes, the mat, and maybe even gloves and socks. Now, you can't wait to get to the point where you'll see the many benefits of yoga and how it will improve your life. But before you get there, you should first learn how to do yoga properly – meaning, you'll need to perform the many yoga poses the instructor will teach, and make sure you do these yoga positions with the correct physical angles in addition to pace of breathing. To help you get a better idea on what yoga positions to expect, here are some of the important yoga positions you will learn.

The Best Yoga Mat

To some, the best yoga mat remains elusive. Even those who have been doing yoga for a long time still find it difficult to shop for a yoga mat. If you're in the market for a new mat, do not rush into things. Consider your yoga mat a long-term investment. Read on to make sure you invest in a winner.

The Perfect Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga mats can be unwieldy things. It is often the case that the more durable your yoga mat is, both thick enough and just the right length for you, able to withstand the regular beating you give you it each day (or almost each day!), the heavier it is. Even a lightweight mat needs to be held together lest it unravels as you carry all your other things before and after class. The good news is, yoga mat bags and straps make it possible to leave your hands free as you sling your mat over your shoulder. Sometimes, however, the basic rope straps that most yoga mats come with aren’t enough to carry your mat if you use it often, and they easily break. We definitely recommend investing in a mat bag instead, whether or not you’re in it for the long haul. But there are certain things you might want to take into consideration before you go out there and purchase your mat.

The 10 Most Popular Yoga Poses

Before we start enumerating the 10 most popular yoga poses, let us first say, that there are many types of yogic practice. Similarly, there are also many popular yoga poses depending on type (standing, sitting, etc.) and in terms of difficulty. So to cover a lot of ground, the poses listed below will be a mix of yoga poses that are popular in classes of yoga for beginners as well as for the intermediate and advanced classes.

If you are a beginner and you need a little more guidance, you could sign up to the free 30 Day Yoga Challenge. You’ll become familiar with some of the most popular poses and get more comfortable being on your mat. For those with a little more yoga experience it’s also a great way to reconnect with the basics yet again.

Here is our list of the 10 most popular yoga poses being practiced today, and are recommended for both men and women.

The Ideal Yoga Clothing

Yoga is no different from any other fitness workout in terms of what you should wear when you're practicing this discipline. Whether you are attending yoga for beginners or more advanced classes, what constitutes "ideal yoga clothing" follows the basic concepts of any time you might be sweating it out: comfort, fit, sweat absorption and good range of movement. Because yoga is not a demanding practice, you are also free to wear yoga clothing in different styles and cuts – all depending on your preference and what you find most comfortable to wear.

The Best Yoga Mats

So you finally decided to quench your curiosity for yoga and have signed up for a yoga for beginners class at your nearby gym. Now what? Well, now the next step would be to make sure you have all the things you will need. This means yoga clothes such as pants or skirts, tops, accessories like socks or gloves (especially if you tend to sweat a lot), maybe even stretchable bands which come in handy for doing certain yoga poses, and of course, the yoga mat.

Benefits of Yoga

For a practice that dates back to 5,000 years ago, it's amazing how yoga has managed to maintain its popularity and widespread use up to now. Over 11 million Americans do yoga and that number shows no sign of letting up; more and more are choosing yoga as their preferred routine for fitness and meditation. Among the main reasons for this popularity are yoga's versatility and the wide range of benefits it offers. Read on to find out what these benefits of yoga are.

Yoga for Beginners

There is so much information you can find online on anything and everything about yoga. So much so that it’s too easy to experience information overload especially if you are a newbie and have just started considering going to a yoga for beginners class. To help you find your way through all the tips and yoga pose instructions you find online, allow us to walk you through this 101 that puts together all the truly essential information you will need for your first yoga session and to answer the age old question “what is yoga?”

The Perfect Yoga Clothes for Men

If you’ve been doing your research and reading up on yoga and its many styles of practice, we’re pretty sure you know by now that yoga is not a very complicated discipline. Don’t get us wrong — it IS and CAN BE a demanding practice in terms of patience, strength and flexibility, and discipline. But unlike other forms of fitness and workout regimens, yoga is simple in that the only things you will need to practice it is a good yoga mat and the appropriate workout clothes. Being a modern guy getting involved with yoga means different things than if a girl were to start her practice. One of the ways the sexes differ is when it comes to the right kind of yoga clothing.

The Perfect Yoga Clothes for Women

So you've finally decided to sign up for that yoga for beginners class, and you've done your research on just about everything you think you would need to know about practicing yoga. But before you jump the gun and head to your first yoga for beginners class, let us remind you of one of the very basic requirements for doing yoga – the perfect workout clothes. If you're in doubt about what you should wear for your next class, we suggest you ditch your trusty Juicy Couture sweats and read on to find out what would be the perfect yoga clothes for women.

The 10 Best Yoga Poses for Men

Despite the crazy heights of popularity it has reached among men and women alike, some men still think yoga is feminine or just not “cool”. If you’re one of those macho guys who think yoga’s not for them, think of this: you will be in a room where you’ll see women in fitted clothing, getting sweaty, doing stretches, and bending their bodies in different ways. We don’t know about you, but we imagine most guys would find that VERY cool.

But more importantly, the thing about yoga that you should REALLY look into is how it can strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility – something that even your favorite athletes work their butts off in the gym for. So if you’re open-minded and man enough to consider doing yoga, here are some awesome yoga poses that are especially recommended for men.

The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

We cannot stress enough how important your overall health is especially during pregnancy. And what better way to do this than by exercising? We’re not talking about hardcore exercise routines, just relaxing and easy-to-do yoga poses to keep you healthy and fit. And the benefit? A healthier and happier mom and baby!

The Perfect Yoga Pants

Finding the right pair of jeans can be tough. You have to find one that fits your legs, crotch, and butt just right, isn't too long for your height, fits your waist without giving you a "muffin top," and falls just right. The same may be said when looking for the perfect yoga pants; except in this case, you also have to factor in the stretch ability of the material used, the thickness of the fabric, and the support it provides.

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