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The Best Yoga Poses for Pregnancy

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We cannot stress enough how important your overall health is especially during pregnancy. And what better way to do this than by exercising? We’re not talking about hardcore exercise routines, just relaxing and easy-to-do yoga poses to keep you healthy and fit. And the benefit? A healthier and happier mom and baby!

One great thing about prenatal yoga is that it keeps your muscles relaxed, strong, and flexible. Proper and constant yoga will benefit you in the long run aside from making your pregnancy an overall more comfortable and relaxed experience. And since most yoga positions are able to target certain muscle areas, this will enormously reduce the discomforts that come with pregnancy as well as help you ease the process of labor. Here is a list of some of the best yoga poses for pregnancy.

Namaskarasana – The Prayer Squat

Starting in a standing position with feet far apart, slowly inhale while raising both hands up in full extent. While exhaling, lower yourself down to a full squat position while also bringing both hands down to the level of your heart and in a ‘prayer’ position. From this position, place your elbows between your knees and gently push both knees apart. With this yoga pose you will feel a stretch in the groin area as well as the back.

Yoga Butterfly Pose

In this yoga pose, start in a seated position and put your feet together with the toes and heel together. Ideally, you want to try to connect with the toes. As you touch your feet you bring them closer together and edge the heels in. With this pose, you sit up straight and tall. Take a deep breath through your nose and while doing that let your knees come right up in towards you. On the exhale, let the knees come down and let the shoulders release forward. Repeat this cycle in yoga pose much as you want and when ready, on exhale leave the back straight and tall while you put your knees down and flutter your knees like a butterfly. Keep focusing on just holding the toes and not grabbing them. Inhale and exhale while fluttering the knees while still holding the toes. And when you’re done, just release.

Child Pose (a.k.a. Shell Pose)

A lot of people find this yoga pose to be their favorite. For beginners, this yoga pose is very easy to do. You can also do this as a resting phase while transitioning to another yoga pose. This yoga pose starts off with you supporting yourself on your knees. Your toes should point at the back and with both toes together. Slowly lower your body while placing both arms just down to the sides. Your head can rest on the floor with your belly touching your thighs. This position helps your entire spinal column relax. Another way to do this is to place your hands stretched in front of you while lowering your body. This yoga pose will let you feel a stretch in the back and shoulders. Leave your belly just resting on your thighs while breathing. Hold this yoga pose for about ten to twenty seconds and release.

And just like everything else, practice makes perfect. This could be while going through labor or just whole experience of pregnancy. Even though no pregnancy is ever alike, prenatal yoga along with great yoga poses will help you keep your body toned and in shape. An upside is you also get your shape back after giving birth.

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