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Chile Now On Board With Free Airport Yoga Classes

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As anyone who’s traveled by plane knows, airports can be extremely stressful places.

Delayed flights, lost luggage, and seemingly endless queues can make an ordinarily calm person want to scream in frustration.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could do yoga to de-stress while waiting for your flight? If you’re flying through Santiago International Airport in Chile, now you can.

Inhale. Exhale. Fly.

Chile airport yoga Credit: NuevoPudahuel

Santiago International Airport is the busiest in Chile, handling millions of passengers every year. However, Nuevo Pudahuel, the firm that manages Santiago International, believes that airports are “much more than a place of transit and processes.”

As part of its efforts to improve customer experience, the airport is offering free yoga sessions to departing passengers.

chile airport yoga 2 Credit: NuevoPudahuel

Passengers can now get their yoga on at the international departures lounge at Gate 15. Classes are taught by local yoga teachers and run for 90 minutes. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow yogis to watch planes land and depart while they practice.

Currently, airport yoga classes at Santiago International are available three days a week, during peak hours.

Looking for more places with airport yoga classes?

Several airports in the U.S., including Chicago O’Hare, San Francisco International Airport, JFK Airport, and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport already have “yoga rooms.”

International airports in Helsinki, Frankfurt, London, and Heathrow also have designated quiet places where yogis can stretch and meditate.

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