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Relieve Pre-Flight Stress at the SFO Airport Yoga Room

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Yep, you read that right. The SF Airport now has a room dedicated for travelers who want and/or need to get their yoga on while waiting for their flights.

Forget the cafes and bar lounges – this fantastic idea from the San Francisco Airport management is an effective way to help passengers relax and de-stress before or in-between flights.

Don't have your mat with you? No worries, there are mats you can borrow and use for your quick sessions. And if you don’t feel like getting sweaty with your Sun Salutations and Vinyasa, you can just sit still, meditate, and calm your “flying nerves” at the Berman reflection room.

Much props to the people of SF for coming up with this GREAT and innovative idea of providing a space where passengers can truly relax. The SFO Airport Yoga Room is located at Terminal 2, and is open from 4:30 am to 12:30 am everyday.

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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