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First Yoga Studio Opens At Heathrow Airport

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Airplanes are not some of the most convenient places to do yoga; not only are the aisles small, the constant complaints about legroom only get worse if you try to contort yourself into anything other than a seated position.

However, if you find yourself on a flight from Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4 in London and want to get in some stretching before you leave, there is now a yoga studio located directly in the terminal.

Passengers traveling on SkyTeam Alliance’s 13 member airlines—which include Delta, Korean Air, and KLM, according to GetWestLondon—have access to the new studio, which includes yoga mats and a video demonstrating a sequence of poses intended to help travelers relax before their flight. It was opened on August 19.

Is The Studio There To Stay?

Although this is only a two-month pilot program, SkyTeam has other exclusive facilities in Heathrow, such as an oxygen bar, massage chairs, and a wellness center with free spa treatments, so there is a possibility that the yoga studio is there to stay.

“Behind the design concept of each SkyTeam Exclusive Lounge is a focus on our customers’ wellbeing, taking them away from the hectic airport terminal and into a tranquil environment,” Fatima da Gloria, SkyTeam director of brand and communications, tells GetWestLondon.

As the U.K.’s largest airport and one of the world’s busiest, Heathrow serves millions of passengers every year, flying them all over the world. With its high volume of travelers and airlines’ ever-increasing issues with irate passengers (according to, four flights have been diverted in the last two weeks due to fights over reclining seats), perhaps air travelers can seriously benefit from a little pre-flight relaxation.

Yoga’s proven ability to lower blood pressure, improve mood, and reduce stress may be just what passengers need to chill out and fly in peace.

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