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Gatwick Airport in UK Now Has a Yoga Room, Too

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Hey travel yogis, there's now another place where you can take your yoga practice: Gatwick Airport in London. The airport has opened a new yoga lounge where passengers can practice to relieve the many stresses involved with travel.

Gatwick Airport teamed up with Instagram yogi Shona Vertue to create a 20-minute yoga video for people to watch before boarding.

The Yoga Room

The new yoga room at Gatwick, inspired by the ones in the San Francisco and Chicago airports, is located in the South Terminal, and even has yoga mats provided. It's completely free to use, which means that no one is excluded from an awesome, relaxing practice before boarding their flight.

Along with opening a yoga room, Gatwick produced a video with Shona Vertue to practice with, which you can watch here. So the next time you're traveling through London-Gatwick, make sure to get your yoga on!

With the growing prevalence of yoga, it only makes sense for public places to start instituting specific spaces for yoga. The ability to get away from the rush in an airport and take time for your practice is something that lots of yogis will appreciate.

No more practicing at the gate or in the aisles of the plane!

Yoga and Travel

There are so many benefits to practicing before you board, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. Sitting still for too long can cause blood clots to form in the legs, and while these clots will normally dissolve on their own, sometimes they can end up causing pain and swelling.

Practicing yoga before you board will get your blood flowing, release tension in the body, and help calm you down from the hectic-ness of travel. And once you're on the plane, you can even practice some chair yoga to prevent those nasty clots.

So the next time you travel, take some time for you and your mat. You'll feel so much better for it.

Source: Huffington Post

Image Credit: Gatwick Airport

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