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An All-Levels Guide to Practicing Yoga for Core Strength

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Want to read up on all things yoga and core strength? We’ll make it easier for you—we’ve compiled videos, articles, and yoga sequences in this one-stop resource to give you all you need to know about practicing yoga for core strength.

So read up, then roll out your mat and practice along our DYY Allstar teachers to get started on your core strength yoga journey.

How To Build Core Power and Find True Strength


You’ve certainly been asked in many a yoga class to “activate your core.” But where exactly is the core? And how is it activated? A vague notion of core might lead us to think that it’s somewhere around the navel, and that a strong core is associated with a rippling six-pack. While the upper abdominals are elements of a strong core, they are certainly not the root. Read more here…

Are You Using the Wrong Core in Yoga?

The Core Strength Myth- Are You Using the Wrong Core in Yoga?

Would you like to get twice the benefits—detox, energy, strength, balance, flexibility, even calorie burn—from every active asana you do…forever, and do all of this while increasing the safety and longevity of your beloved practice? And learn how you actually move, so you don’t get hurt by the often-outdated classical yoga cueing? Oh, and gain core strength too? I did. Read more here…

Simple Core Strength Yoga for Beginners (VIDEO)

Simple Core Strength Yoga for Beginners (VIDEO)

Learn and practice with Kristin as she takes you through prone positions and yoga poses that teach you to engage your abdominals, support the back, and lengthen through the spine. Best of all, this class is suitable for beginners and yogis of all practice levels, so everyone can easily get started on working towards a stronger core and back. Watch it here…

10-Minute Yoga Sequence for Core Strength

The core is often attributed to just the abdominal muscles aka having a flashy six-pack. However, there are roughly 30 muscles that work synergistically to stabilize your torso and are considered part of your core. Having a strong core has loads of benefits and can greatly improve your spinal and overall physical health. Here are just some of the positive effects of having a strong core. Read more here…

Beginner Yoga – Core Strength with Kino MacGregor

Beginner Yoga - Core Strength with Kino MacGregor

The journey into yoga is never just about the external result. Even postures that seem really physically challenging are meant to provide a strong, steady mind as well as a strong body. Navasana is an essential posture for developing a steady mind and strong body. You will be challenged to find a peaceful place inside of yourself while attempting this posture. Watch the video here…

Intermediate Vinyasa for Straight Up Core Strength (VIDEO)

Intermediate Vinyasa for Straight Up Core Strength (VIDEO)

Join Liz Huntly in this 18-minute Intermediate Vinyasa class that’s designed to specifically target your core so you can get stronger and move smarter in your yoga asana practice. The class is part of the Intermediate Vinyasa Workshop which will have you smooth sailing through Sun Salutations, soaring up into Crow pose, and practicing sequences to prepare you for more challenging asana sequences and practice. Watch the video here…

Core Strength Yoga for Men (VIDEO)

Core Strength Yoga for Men (VIDEO)

A strong core goes way beyond just having toned abs. This is why in this video, Raghunath takes you through a flow that engages not just your abs and obliques, but also your leg, back, and arm muscles. Watch and learn with Raghunath as he takes you through plank and side plank variations, Chaturangas, Forward Folds, and even heart openers, so you get all-around strength building and you can start to hold core-engaging poses longer. Watch the video here…

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