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The Week In Yoga #8

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Yes, this week we had a 50's bombshell doing yoga, but that's not all! We also shared with you guys some yoga tips and techniques (of course, as always) and various content to inspire wanderlust, acceptance of yogis' diversity, healthy eating and lifestyle, and also some funnies to remind you that sometimes, all we really need is to sit down and have a good laugh.

Here are some of the awesome stuff you might have missed this week:

What Is A Yoga Diet Here Are 7 Things To Look ForWhat Is A Yoga Diet? Here Are 7 Things To Look For

There is a lot of hype out there when it comes to what to eat. Being environmentally conscious with our food choices seems to be the “in” thing to do right now. Many often mistake a vegan diet for being the same as a yogic diet.  But what does it actually mean? What is a yogic diet? Read more…

A Beautiful, Must-See Morning Yoga SequenceA Beautiful, Must-See Morning Yoga Sequence (VIDEO)

Part of a short film series called “Mornings,” the video features
yoga teacher Krista Marie Starr and how she starts her day with tea and yoga. Read more…

The Side of Her We Rarely See Marilyn Monroe the YogiThe Side Of Her We Rarely See: Marilyn Monroe The Yogi

Monroe, best known for being a mid-century sex symbol, is rarely thought of as a fitness icon, but in a 1948 set of black-and-white photos, she showed off some asanas. Monroe was a devotee of yoga, and was photographed many times in different poses. Read more…

21 Beautiful Places to Visit Before You Die21 Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die

Siddartha Gautama once said, “As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.” Yoga teaches us to do exactly that: to be fully present wherever we are. Here are 21 beautiful locations that will inspire and remind you to live in the here and now. Read more…

A Call for the Robust Yoga TeacherRound Bodied, Big Bodied, Embodied: A Call For The Robust Yoga Teacher

Don’t let your size limit your life. If you wait, you may miss out on a really great experience and the ability to shape real change in the yoga world. Read more…

The 5 elements of a Blissful Yoga PracticeThe 5 Elements Of A Blissful Yoga Practice

According to Ayurveda everything in the universe is made up of these five great elements: space, air, fire, water and earth.  Each of these elements offers unique qualities to our experience of living.  And together, they are the basis for our connection with everything around us. Read more…

Why Yoga Is The Perfect Practice For MenWhy Yoga Is The Perfect Practice For Men

It’s not the man’s fault that he’d rather play golf or drink a few beers while watching the game, than unroll the mat or sit in silent meditation. It’s just that…we literally don’t know how to do what Yoga (and other forms of spiritual practice) demand of us. Read more…

Which one was your favorite from our posts this week? Let us know below!

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