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The Week In Yoga #7

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It's that time of the week again, folks! If you're new to our "Week In Yoga" series, we're talking about that time when we look back and bring you the sweet stuff that dominated the DOYOU realm in the past week.

From yoga tips and poses to attracting positive energy and yoga funnies, we've got ya covered. Here's what you missed:

5 Standing Yoga Poses For Stronger Legs5 Standing Yoga Poses For Stronger Legs

We talk a lot in yoga about developing core strength in order to build overall stability within the body. However, I feel that sometimes with all that upper body focus, we may neglect the importance of a strong lower body to match those abs of steel. Here are my top five favorite postures for improving leg strength. Read more…

8 Yoga Mat Spray Recipes Every Yogi Needs8 Yoga Mat Spray Recipes Every Yogi Needs

You can create a wonderful mat mist with a few simple ingredients – a bottle, water, and an oil with an energetically aligned quality. And to help you get started, I’ve put together this short list that you can pick and choose from to make a customizable mat mist for every occasion. Read more…

10 Reasons To Try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga10 Reasons To Try Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

 Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga (a.k.a. SUP and Yoga) is growing as a challenging new practice in coastal areas all around the U.S. and it’s here to stay. (At least for me it is!) Some say it looks too difficult, some think it’s just silly. The reality is that it’s fun and easier than you think. Read more…

How To Attract Positive Energy With Vision BoardsHow To Attract Positive Energy With Vision Boards

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical art. Each person on the planet possesses a personal energetic frequency; a vibration which dictates what kind of experiences we will attract into our lives. Two years in a row, I created a vision board at the start of the New Year. I am truly amazed by the results. Read more…

What To Do When You Lose Your Yoga MojoWhat To Do When You Lose Your Yoga Mojo

I have a dirty little secret. The passion has gone from my practice.

After 3 years of getting up at 5 or 6am and practising 6, and sometimes even 7, days a week I’m fantasising about sleeping in or slipping back between the sheets with a steaming cup of coffee. Read more…

10 Yoga Fails10 Hilarious Yoga Fails

There are, and will be, times when your expectation of performing a yoga pose doesn’t quiiiite fit the reality when you actually do it. So we put together this quick list to laugh and celebrate the wonderfully human, imperfect, and funny  yoga moments we have on and off the mat. Read more…

Which of these were your favorite? Let us know below!

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