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How To Attract Positive Energy With Vision Boards

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We all have a shared desire to expand in some area of our lives. New Year’s Eve provides accurate insight into this desire as people everywhere start making resolutions. With the turnover of a new year, we long to create space for life changes which are more aligned with our higher selves. This could mean quitting smoking, eating healthier, handling hardship with grace, or something more drastic like moving to another state or changing careers.

Often, we approach these desires as a fantastical wish; a far off possibility that we are powerless to. This is a large reason why that New Year’s resolution was a distant memory by the month of March (or sooner). Our thoughts are creative. We can actively work toward cultivating energy and vibrations which are aligned with our true desires. However, this takes consistent focus.

What Is “The Law of Attraction”?

The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical art. Each person on the planet possesses a personal energetic frequency; a vibration which dictates what kind of experiences we will attract into our lives. Synchronicity journals, vision boards, and meditation are a few tools which can help us to raise our vibration, our awareness, and manifest our dreams.

Two years in a row, I have created a vision board at the start of the New Year. I am truly amazed by the results. Piecing images together of exactly what we want (be as specific as possible), and hanging these intentions where we can see them each day is a powerful manifestation tool.

Three Types of Vision Boards

1. Inspiration

This type of vision board is for just that — inspiration. We may simply want to feel inspired with the start of each day. These types of vision boards may include things that we know will keep us inspired and happy about being alive. They may even include images of our families and friends in moments of happiness as we experienced deep feelings of love. Inspiring quotes may accompany these — quotes which put life in perspective and remind us of the kind of person that we wish to be.

2. Goal-Oriented

A huge goal of mine this year was to deepen my yoga practice and to become a certified hot yoga instructor. I wasn’t sure how I might manage this goal financially, nor did I have clarity about time management as I also have two children at home, and a career as an elementary school teacher. I created a vision board with this specific goal in mind. I look at it every day as I wake up. It hangs at my bedside.

And now, I am very close to finishing my 200-hour yoga teacher certification, and all of the potential obstacles disappeared as I created space for this goal in my life. A goal-oriented vision board is a focused creation of exactly what we want to happen in our lives. This board can serve as our guide in our journey toward meeting our goals. Be very specific in using pictures and other props so that you can truly conjure emotions of gratitude just by looking at your board.

3. Life-theme Boards

This type of vision board is created with the intention of how we envision specific things to happen by a certain time period for a special occasion. An example of this might be if we are planning a birthday celebration, a romantic anniversary, or even creating conditions of love in our life so that we might find our soul-mate. This board can be created for any occasion or event that we want to have a specific outcome.

After Your Vision Board Is Created

  • Surrender 

Have patience! We love instant gratification. Especially in the age of technological advances, we have grown more and more impatient as a species. We can, however, discover a deeper "knowingness" inside us that we are worthy of our desires as we practice infinite patience daily. Letting go of anxiety, disbelief, and doubt are part of surrendering to “knowingness.”

It may not have happened today, but deciding and believing that our goals are on their way is another manifestation tool. Empowered patience is having faith that the Universe is always supporting us, and has provided us with what we need throughout our entire lives. This is part of surrender and the infinite trust that we can cultivate in our day to day lives.

The more we surrender to this wisdom and powerful feeling of trust, the more the Universe can help us attract our deepest desires into our lives.

  • Meditation

Examine your board, if only for a few minutes each day. Memorize your creation so that you can see it in your mind’s eye even when you’re not in front of it. Meditate on receiving the desired outcome as often as possible. Your mind can be your servant, but very often we think it is the other way around. As you envision yourself receiving, also conjure the feeling of tremendous gratitude and infinite self-love within you.

Vision boards not only serve to align us with our goals and desires, but they help keep us positive and focused. As we visually imprint our desires on our brains, we begin to resonate with a certain energetic frequency. We can begin to create our reality using this powerful manifestation tool.

There are no rules for creating vision boards. Simply begin collecting images that you are drawn to, or start making a list of things that you really want to show up in your life. Make it as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Good luck!

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