10 Hilarious Yoga Fails

Yes, yoga isn't just about asana, and yes it's also meditative and spiritual and all-around made of pure awesomesauce. But let's be honest — there are, and will be, times when your expectation of performing a yoga pose doesn't quiiiite fit the reality when you actually do it.

So here's a short compilation we put together to laugh and celebrate the wonderfully human, imperfect, and funny  yoga moments we have on and off the mat. Cheers!

1. Perfect!

Source: The Berry

2. Take note, all you who live with yogis

Source: 9Gag

3. Umm…guys it's ACROyoga, not ALCOyoga?

Source: Lisa Rands

4. One word: MEOWTCH!

5. "Okay balance…almost the–"

Source: Messersmith.name

6. In yoga, there is strength, grace, buttkicks…wait, what?

Source: Owned Source: Owned

7. That Moment When Your Dog Does It Better

8. A shining example of a yogi's pure dedication and commitment to her practice

Source: Acid Cow

9. "Yep, this is reaaaally calming…"

Yoga Fails 8 Source: Guff

10. "Oh, Locust pose? Pfft, that's easy"

Source: Giphy
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