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The Week In Yoga #50

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In our desire sometimes to perform certain poses or get to an “advanced” level of asana practice, we tend to forget that yoga is about progress, and not about perfection (or whether you can stand on your head in unperturbed internal and physical balance).

So there’s really no better way to kick off today’s Week in Yoga than with this man’s inspiring discovery and journey into yoga and self-confidence. Check out his story and the week’s top posts below.

DYY InspirationYoga Is For Every Body: Man Challenges Preconceptions, Gains Self-Esteem

When Richard Widmark’s yoga teacher took a photo of him in Moon Pose recently, Widmark’s reaction was one of disgust. Read more…

3 Stages to a Deeper Yoga Backbend3 Stages to a Deeper Yoga Backbend (With Video)

Rather than calling them “backbends” in class, I like to refer to this set of postures as “heart openers” so my students understand that the aim is to open the chest. Read more…

7 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Work Desk to Relieve Stress7 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Work Desk to Relieve Stress

Sitting at a desk for hours on end places unnecessary strain on the lumbar spine, overstretches the mid to upper back, and shortens the chest and hips. Read more…

Side Crow Pose Tips and VariationsSide Crow Pose Tips and Variations

This posture builds strength in the chest, shoulders, forearms, and oblique muscles, in addition to nourishing your spinal tissues through the twist. Read more…

Incredible Demonstration of Third Series Ashtanga Yoga (VIDEO)Incredible Demonstration of Third Series Ashtanga Yoga (VIDEO)

In this video, Igor Tkachev performs impressive yoga poses and sequences from the third series of Ashtanga yoga that many of us can only dream of doing passably. Read more…

15-Minute Yin Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Energy15-Minute Yin Yoga Sequence to Boost Your Energy

Although a Yin yoga sequence means longer holds and a slower pace, it doesn’t mean that in 15 minutes you cannot do some good to your body by allowing your body to open up. Read more…

5 Chair Yoga Poses5 Chair Yoga Poses for All Ages and Practice Levels

Chair yoga can be practiced in the office when you need a mid-day boost, help seniors stay mobile and social, offer alternatives for injuries, and introduce yoga to the disabled. Read more…

Yoga For The Neck And Upper Back (VIDEO)

Slouched shoulders and a rounded back are a common problem, even for a yogi! With this yoga for the neck and back, you will be treating yourself to some much-needed TLC today. Read more…

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