The Ultimate Guide to Crow Pose

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Crow Pose, or Bakasana, tends to be the first arm balance we learn as yogis. So if you're trying to learn how to do Crow Pose, or if you already know how but are looking to improve, check out our Ultimate Guide to Crow Pose.

It's everything you need to know about this wonderful arm balance in one, convenient place!

Why It's Okay to FailOn Crow Pose And Learning Why It's Okay to Fail

The first time I tried to land Bakasana or Crow pose–I mean, toes up, eyes ahead, trying to land it—I ate mat. Hard. Read more…

Crow-Pose-YogaHow to Do Crow Pose

Like all arm balances, Crow Pose cultivates concentration and nourishes and strengthens your arms, wrists, and hands. Read more…

Side-Crow-PoseHow to Do Side Crow Pose

The instructions for Side Crow pose (Parsva Bakasana) might seem lengthy and complicated, but it’s really just Crow pose with a fun twist (literally and figuratively!). Read more…

How-To-Do-Baby-Crow-PoseHow to Do Baby Crow Pose

This hybrid pose is a tricky forearm balance that demands a certain degree of shoulder and core strength, as well as a sense of fearlessness. Read more…

5 Tips for Crow Pose (With Video)5 Tips for Crow Pose (With Video)

My challenges in this pose led me to explore some of the key alignment principles in depth. Read more…

Side Crow Pose Tips and VariationsSide Crow Pose Tips and Variations

Like any yoga posture, Side Crow has its challenges, but it is an excellent pose to explore regardless of how long you’ve been practicing arm balances. Read more…

How Do You Do Crow Pose Without Your Knees Hurting Your ArmsHow Do You Do Crow Pose Without Your Knees Hurting Your Arms?

Oh, Crow Pose—probably the number one go-to pose for those learning arm balances. It looks badass, it’s fun, and it’s easy enough to try. Read more…

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