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The Week in Yoga #82

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This week's The Week in Yoga has a great mix of stuff, just for you! If you're looking to get started with a yoga practice, there's an awesome 10-minute yoga sequence to try. Plus, find out if you're really into Power yoga, or even find out how to drive like a yoga teacher.

All this and more is waiting for you in this edition of The Week in Yoga. Enjoy!

health benefits of yoga for kids5 Health Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Have you thought about taking your children to a Kids yoga class? Kids can be overbooked with activities, but this is one I think you should make time for. Read more…

hatha yoga sequence for beginners10-Minute Hatha Yoga Sequence for Beginners

So you’re new to yoga and looking for advice on where to begin. Let’s face it, even with the overwhelming sense of inclusivity, the yoga community can be a bit overwhelming to jump into. Read more…

drive like a yoga teacherHow to Drive Like a Yoga Teacher

It is a conscious choice to drive — and live — like a yoga teacher. Here are some thoughts on how. Read more…

yoga poses for digestion5 Beginner's Yoga Poses for Digestion

Yoga is great for digestion because the movement and postures help massage the internal organs and keep them functioning properly. Here are 5 yoga poses for digestion that anyone can do to help keep the juices active when the weather turns cold and heavier winter foods prevail. Read more…

restorative practiceRestorative Practice: You Are Still Counted as a Warrior

As un-yogi-like as this may sound, for a long time I used yoga as my means of feeling like a warrior. I breathed through discomfort and found comfort in feeling uncomfortable. An element of suffering was part of my practice and it was exactly what I needed. Read more…

power yoga33 Ways You Know You're Into Power Yoga

As Power yogis we like rushing about, and we love to sweat and work hard. Loud music and deep bass lines move our souls, and an inspirational speech during a long Plank Hold before we get started feels amazing to us! Read more…

lazy yogis5 Tips for Lazy Yogis

Whether we are go-getters in business and in life, or the type who need a good kick in the yoga pants to get on task, we all have those days where we need some motivation. Read more…

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