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33 Ways You Know You’re Into Power Yoga

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Let’s face it, Power yoga is something that our culture has delved into quite happily.

Sometimes you’ve got to move your ass in order to slow it all down, sometimes you’ve got to turn the volume up outside in order to quiet your mind, and sometimes you have to heat up a room and do some crazy, sweaty maneuvering on a rubber mat to get rid of all the emotional toxins.

As Power yogis we like rushing about, and we love to sweat and work hard. Loud music and deep bass lines move our souls, and an inspirational speech during a long Plank Hold before we get started feels amazing to us!

How do you know you are a Power yogi by nature? Here are 33 ways.

1. When you take a class with no “core work segment” you add 60 seconds of bicycles after class… and then you consider doing another 60 seconds of crunches.

2. You do (or want to do) push ups in between Chaturanga-ing.

Signs You're Into Power Yoga 3

4. … and “Push Up” is a yoga pose. “PUSH-UP-ASANA.”

5. Astavakrasana is a type of Push Up to you.

6. Your block is for up-mods not down-mods: like standing on it during Awkward Pose, squeezing between your knees in Bridge Pose or between you feet in headstand, and for balancing on your low back or head in Warrior III.

7. The words “pistol squat” don’t scare you. They entice you.

8. You go home early on Friday night because the Saturday morning class will have 50 yoga squats in it — and you want to do all of them.

9. If you don’t feel drops of sweat trickling down your forehead when you practice, then you’re not done.

10. You need a towel or non-slip mat to feel like you’re doing yoga at all.

11. You know the stickiness/slipperiness difference between polyurethane, neoprene, rubber, jute, foam and fabric mats.

12. You count the ounces of water you drink before you enter the hot room.

13. You know exactly how much coconut water to add to that water intake before AND after class to maintain your hydration level.

Signs You're Into Power Yoga 14

15. You eat extra protein to ensure you can practice twice a day.

16. To you Tree Pose is a transition — to everything in life. Filing, answering the phone, doing dishes, grocery shopping, making tea, driving… Oh wait, not driving.

17. Tricky transitions are what inspire you more then long holds.

18. Tricky transitions are what you talk about over dinner, coffee, during a movie, and at work.

19. You wish you could watch movies in Full Lotus with your feet behind your ears or your arms threaded under your knees and back behind you in a full bind.

20. You try to do that — or full split push ups — during every movie.

21. You judge music based on how good it would feel to do Sun Salutes to.

22. You move a mile a minute with no intention of slowing down.

23. To you “Surya Namaskar A” means, “Let’s rock this.”

24. You listen to inspirational music that you Shazam to in class very loudly in your car and your kitchen.

Signs You're Into Power Yoga 25

26. Yogi Toes are what fill your towel closet.

27. After class your bathroom smells like a sweat lodge.

28. You smell like a sweat lodge.

29. You love the way you smell. “Gettin’ it done!”

30. Goddess Pose is about tight buns.

31. “Tight Buns” is about eating morning buns.

32. “Morning Buns” means you can go to class again and do more Goddess Pose — wahoo!

33. You want to say this entire list while holding Crow Pose.

So what about you, Power yogis? How many apply to you? Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know below!

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