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The Week In Yoga #78

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This Week in Yoga has one of the more diverse picks we've had so far. We've got anatomy to chakras, inspirational pieces and celebs who do yoga, and loads more.

And since this roundup celebrates the diversity of yoga practice and lifestyle, we'll kick things off with this piece that might help explain why so many people are getting on their mats. Enjoy!

8 Transformational Benefits of Yoga8 Transformational Benefits of Yoga

Through my own practice, and by teaching yoga, I have discovered incredible transformational benefits you’ll get from a consistent yoga practice. Read more…

Study- Turmeric as Effective as Prozac and Aspirin as MedicationStudy: Turmeric as Effective as Prozac and Aspirin as Medication

Science is backing up what Ayurveda has to say about turmeric! Besides being an anti-inflammatory, turmeric is being found to have way more medicinal benefits. Read more…

5 Anatomical Ways Yoga Strengthens the Joints5 Anatomical Ways Yoga Strengthens the Joints

Practicing yoga asanas can help keep your joints healthy. Here’s an anatomical perspective on some of the ways yoga strengthens the joints. Read more…

A Yogi's Guide to Sun SalutationsA Yogi’s Guide to Sun Salutations

When you don’t have time to do a full class, this sequence of yoga poses can be enough to already make you feel invigorated and get your practice in for the day. Read more…

Why We Feel Emotional on the Yoga Mat (ILLUSTRATED)Why We Feel Emotional on the Yoga Mat (ILLUSTRATED)

Yoga is an exploration of the connection between body, mind and spirit. The very word “yoga” is sometimes defined as “to yoke” or “to pull together/unite.” Read more…

The Alchemy of the 7 ChakrasThe Alchemy of the 7 Chakras

We compiled content written by yoga teacher and trainer Silvia Mordini, that will help you learn more about each and every chakra and how they relate and affect our daily lives. Read more…

10 Famous Men Who Do Yoga10 Famous Men Who Do Yoga

There’s just something about men doing yoga that makes us love them even more. So just for you, here is a quick list of 10 famous men who do yoga. Read more…

Yoga Poses for Balancing with Kristin McGee (VIDEO)

Yoga Poses for Balancing with Kristin McGee (VIDEO)

If balancing is your yoga goal, then look no further, dear yogi! Here you’ll find some awesome yoga poses for balancing taught by the wonderful Kristin McGee. Read more…

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