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10 Famous Men Who Do Yoga

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Who doesn’t love a yoga guy? There’s just something about men doing yoga that makes us love them even more.

It’s even better when your favorite celebri-guy is all about his time on the mat. So just for you, here are 10 famous men who do yoga.

1. Robert Downey, Jr.

Image Credit: MindBodyGreen

Iron Man? More like Yoga Man!

Robert Downey, Jr. was arrested in 2001 on drug charges, but amazingly managed to kick his addiction and has stayed clean ever since. One of his addiction managing habits? Yoga!

We’re proud of you, Iron Man, and you look even cooler than we previously thought you could when you carry around a yoga mat.

2. Woody Harrelson

Image Credit: New York Times Image Credit: New York Times

Woody Harrelson, snarky Hunger Games mentor and dog-loving gangster in 7 Psycopaths loves his Downward Dog, too.

Harrelson stays pretty much off the Hollywood grid at his home in Hawaii, and we can totally see why. What better place to get your asana on than a nice Hawaiian beach?

3. Russell Brand

Image Credit: Carl KerridgeImage Credit: Carl Kerridge

That yoga scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall wasn’t so far off!

Russell Brand is a devoted yogi, teacher, and meditator, and has been spotted kickin’ it with Kundalini master Gurmukh. Maybe someday you’ll be lucky enough to plant your mat next to his.

4. Adam Levine

Image Credit: Men's Health Image Credit: Men’s Health

Another obvious yogi is Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine.

He loves his practice almost as much as his music. Apparently when performing with Maroon 5, he has a specific yoga room so he can practice. And, that awesome physique is all due to the power of our favorite practice.

5. Sting

Image Credit: Relax and ReleaseImage Credit: Relax and Release

Call the Police, cause Sting does yoga!

Sting loves doing yoga to relieve the stress of touring. And we couldn’t agree more. We’re so excited that he’s on this yoga journey with us.

We’ll be watching you…

6. Zachary Quinto

Image Credit: Just Jared Image Credit: Just Jared

How does Dr. Spock/Heroes villain Sylar (sorry, is my nerd showing?) relax? With a little time on the mat, of course! He seems to really love his mat, and we love him even more because of it.

7. Matthew McConaughey

Image Credit: Just Jared Image Credit: Just Jared

Hollywood’s resident beach bum and true California guy stays fit with some yoga on the beach. Check out his Hero’s Pose.

He’s a yoga hero to us!

8. Jon Bon Jovi

Image Credit: Billboard Image Credit: Billboard

Jon Bon Jovi isn’t just living on a prayer, he’s living on an Om. The New Jersey rocker has turned to yoga in the past few years in order to relax and de-stress while on tour. Maybe that’s how he’s stayed looking so young!

9. Alec Baldwin

Image Credit: Hilaria Baldwin Image Credit: Hilaria Baldwin

The 30 Rock star may not look like a yogi in the photo above, be he definitely does yoga with his yoga teacher wife, Hilaria. He credits her with getting him fitter and happier through yoga, and that can only be a good thing!

10. Colin Farrell

Image Credit: Just JaredImage Credit: Just Jared

What does Irish bad-boy Colin Farrell do to unwind? I think you know the answer by now! He hits his mat, of course! And we love him for it.

Who’s your favorite celebrity yogi? Share with us below!

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