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The Sun Salutations are a key part of yoga asana practice, and is often the first yoga sequence that students learn in their yoga classes. But did you know that there are several versions of Sun Salutation?

When you don’t have time to do a full class, or even just a half hour to get on your mat, this sequence of yoga poses can be enough to already make you feel invigorated and get your practice in for the day.

To help you understand Sun Salutations better, we put together a quick guide to give you a 101, plus extra tips, on everything Surya Namaskar.

7 Good Reasons to Start Your Day and Yoga Practice with Sun Salutations7 Good Reasons to Start Your Day and Yoga Practice with Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations can be practiced as a morning ritual to wake up energized and with purpose, to build our Tapas- burning enthusiasm for the day ahead. Read more…

Credit: Kino MacGregor Credit: Kino MacGregor

Sun Salutations With Kino MacGregor (VIDEO)

When taken as part of a daily practice, the Sun Salutations, known as Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit, awaken the fire of purification deep within the inner body. Read more…

How To Perfect Your Sun SalutationHow to Perfect Your Sun Salutation

Once the breath-movement sequence is firmly established in Surya Namaskara A, the remainder of the more complex sequences can be performed with ease and control. Read more…

Chara Caruthers in doing a sun salutationAyurvedic Sun Salutations to Balance Your Doshas and Your Day (With Video)

The vata salutation is a simple variation on a traditional Surya Namaskara A. This sun salutation aims to bring you down to earth and keep you anchored in your body. Read more…

Sun Salutation C Variations to Kick Negativity (VIDEO)Sun Salutation C Variations to Kick Negativity (VIDEO)

Life isn’t always full of sunshine. At times, we are presented with challenges that can throw some clouds over our days. It’s important to acknowledge and experience our feelings, then let them go. Read more…

Lighten Up With Kapha Sun Salutations (With Video)Lighten Up With Kapha Sun Salutations (With Video)

The kapha balancing mantra is warming, energizing, stimulating. So this salutation is aimed at heating things up, and melting resistance, complacency and congestion. Read more…

Summer Sun SalutationsBeat the Heat with this Summer Sun Salutation (with Video)

This summer sun salutation is aimed at slowing the pace and dialing down the intensity. It’s a cooler and calmer version of a typical sun salutation that’s aimed at moving the body and mind without creating tension. Read more…

Sun Salutation Yoga Flow

This is a non-stop flow where we’ll go through a couple traditional sun salutations (suryanamaskar A & B) to build just a little heat. Read more…

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