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Sun Salutations With Kino MacGregor (VIDEO)

Kino MacGregor

The Sun Salutations are the most basic building block of the yoga practice. When taken as part of a daily practice, the Sun Salutations, known as Surya Namaskara in Sanskrit, awaken the fire of purification deep within the inner body.

The internal fire is key to detoxifying the body and cleansing impurities through daily yoga practice. Once the body is fully cleansed the mind becomes sharp, focused and balanced.

Sun Salutation Variations

The traditional Sun Salutations are comprised of two variations that build on increasing levels of difficulty.

Sun Salutation A is more simple and is usually repeated five times. Sun Salutation B is more challenging and incorporates Utkatasana and Virabhadrasana A. It is repeated either three or five times. When taken together these two Sun Salutations can constitute an entire yoga asana practice.

For people who don't have a lot of time, learning Sun Salutations can be the perfect place to begin.

Kino MacGregor
International Ashtanga teacher Kino inspires thousands of yogis globally every day.