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Sun Salutation C Variations to Kick Negativity (VIDEO)

Guided Meditation | Meditation

It is no secret that life isn’t always full of sunshine. At times, we are presented with challenges that can throw some clouds over our days. It is important to acknowledge our feelings, experience them in their purest form, and then let them go.

This is aligned with the yogic principle of non-attachment. We serve our spirit better when we fully settle into emotions without amplifying them or imposing qualities on them that aren’t part of the reality we are living. If we can do this, we are able to be truly alive and rooted in vital presence.

The space in which we dwell contributes to the story we live and tell. ~Willis Johnston

Negative and positive energy are space keepers that can either provide a joyful existence or a suffering existence. You can imagine how these two energies can affect us, especially when the going gets tough. Do we dwell in the positive even while we acknowledge a situation is not ideal? Or do we let negativity consume and damper our lives?

It is a constant practice of awareness to draw ourselves back to the calm eye of even the most violent storms. Gratitude, discernment, and peace lie there in the eye. Find your calm center in this invigorating  and focused flow designed to help you kick negativity in the butt!

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