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The Week In Yoga #72

Yoga | Yoga for Beginners

Today’s The Week In Yoga offers tons of tips and how-to’s for beginners as well as yoga teachers. We have yoga class videos, an adorable cartoon to show what it’s REALLY like to teach a class, and tons more.

Let’s kick off today’s roundup with this sweet beginner’s yoga class for your core. Enjoy!

Simple Core Strength Yoga for Beginners (VIDEO)Simple Core Strength Yoga for Beginners (VIDEO)

Learn and practice with Kristin as she takes you through prone positions and yoga poses that teach you to engage your abdominals, support the back, and lengthen through the spine. Read more…

how to avoid hyperextending elbows in yoga posesHow to Avoid Hyperextending Elbows in Yoga Poses

The problem with having a natural hyperextension of the elbow joint, or one that is created during exercise is that over time, it can wear down the capsule, cartilage and weaken the joint. Read more…

What its really like to teach a yoga class (illustrated)What It’s REALLY Like to Teach a Yoga Class (Illustrated)

There are SO many things to be mindful of when teaching a yoga class. Here is a light hearted look at what it’s really like to teach a yoga class. Read more…

your guide to outdoor yogaYour Guide to Outdoor Yoga

Because we love being outside so much, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about outdoor yoga. So grab your mat and get ready to really connect with nature. Read more…

7 Gentle Post-Partum Yoga Poses for New Moms7 Gentle Post-Partum Yoga Poses for New Moms

Once you have the ok from your doc or midwife, give some post-partum yoga a go. Here are some fantastic yoga poses to counteract these common ailments post-pregnancy. Read more…

5 Common Misalignments in the Extended Side Angle Pose5 Common Misalignments in Extended Side Angle Pose

Utthita Parsvakonasana is a great pose for strengthening the legs, stretching the groin, and stimulating the abdominal organs. Here are five common misalignments, and how to fix them. Read more…

yoga style burpees with raghunath (video)Yoga Style Burpees with Raghunath (VIDEO)

Burpees are hard, and these yoga burpees are no exception. Give this video a watch, and let us know how you like these yoga style burpees in the comments below! Read more…

How to Overcome Performance Anxiety for Yoga TeachersHow to Overcome Performance Anxiety for Yoga Teachers

Let the yoga flow and trust that you know enough to reach people, to teach people. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you embrace your fears, calm your nerves and keep teaching. Read more…

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