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The Week In Yoga #65

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Every week on Week In Yoga, we round up the most interesting, insightful, most-shared, funny posts from the week past to give our readers a one-stop source for all the good stuff they might have missed.

So we'll stop here with the small talk and let's get right to it, shall we?

15-Minute Gentle Yoga Sequence for Seniors15-Minute Gentle Yoga Sequence for Seniors

This is a gentle nurturing yoga sequence for seniors that you can do in the morning or in the evening. It will take between ten and fifteen minutes to complete. Read more…

A Useful Guide to Yoga for Sports EnthusiastsA Useful Guide to Yoga for Sports Enthusiasts

Whether it’s tennis, football, hockey, soccer, or running that you’re into, we have a post just for you. Check out this compilation of sports yoga poses and tips! Read more…

A Beginners Guide to HandstandA Beginner’s Guide to Handstand

Once you have the tools and proper alignment and feel strong enough in your arms, shoulders, wrists and core, you won’t be afraid to give handstand a try. Read more…

Yoga Challenge What Difference Can 30 Days MakeYoga Challenge: What Difference Can 30 Days Make?

The good and bad aspects of this challenge sang in harmony. That was lesson number one. Here are a few other things that the 30 days taught me. Read more…

7 Yoga Poses to Develop Wrist Strength7 Yoga Poses to Develop Wrist Strength

It is important to strengthen, stretch and prepare the wrist to arm balance, otherwise injury can be a very real and painful presence. Read more…

15 Inspiring Quotes from Rumi15 Inspiring Rumi Quotes to Get You Through The Day

This 13th century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic has been inspiring readers for centuries with his beautiful verse and astonishing wisdom. Read more…

5 Variations of Pigeon Pose for Different Practice Levels5 Variations of Pigeon Pose for Different Practice Levels

How do your hips reap the benefits of Pigeon Pose without putting the rest of the body in harm’s way? Try one (or all) of the following variations! Read more…

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