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The Week In Yoga #64

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Looking for inspirational yoga photos and videos? Asana tips and variations? Or maybe you want a quick yoga class you can follow and practice everyday? If you said yes to all, you'll love today's Week In Yoga!

Let's kick off this week's roundup with this aptly titled video to inspire you as you start the new week. Let us know if we missed your favorite post from this week!

Monday Morning Practice VideoYoga Demo – “Monday Morning Practice” (VIDEO)

In this stunning five-minute yoga demo, filmed by a river in India, yogi Mark Robberds reminds us how good it can be to get on your mat for an early morning practice. Read more…

5 Yoga Poses for Soccer Players5 Yoga Poses for Soccer Players

Yoga practice can focus on preventing injuries, creating flexibility and to being the Yin side of life by offering space and a place of calm. Read more…

How to Embrace ExpectationsHow to Embrace Expectations

I expected much from my life. The question of what I should do with it kept me awake at night. Then I realized that the joy of accomplishment never lasted for long. Read more…

Bind to Unwind- 5 Bound Yoga PosesBind to Unwind: 5 Bound Yoga Poses

Here's a combination of bound yoga poses from beginner to advanced to get you started on binding. Caution: Yoga binds are extreme on the shoulders and should never be forced. Read more…

Awesome Yoga Doodles-When Yoga, Photography, and Illustration MeetAwesome Yoga Doodles: When Yoga, Photography, and Illustration Meet

Yoga Doodles is a series of yoga + illustration photos and is the brainchild of NYC photographer Bri Johnson, and yogi and illustrator Martha Ernst. Read more…

12-Minute Beginner's Flexibility Class (VIDEO)12-Minute Beginner’s Flexibility Class (VIDEO)

This video walks you through some great hamstring openers and forward bends to open up the body and work toward a greater range of flexibility. Read more…

7 Good Reasons to Start Your Day and Yoga Practice with Sun Salutations7 Good Reasons to Start Your Day and Yoga Practice with Sun Salutations

Sun Salutations can be developed as a morning ritual, a way to wake up energized and with purpose, to build our Tapas- burning enthusiasm for the day ahead. Read more…

9 Ways Yoga will make it hard for you to fit in9 Ways Yoga Will Make it Hard for You to Fit In

Once you start swapping happy hour drinks for an hour on the mat, you’ll notice that practicing yoga will make you a little bit different from your friends. Read more…

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