Yoga Is For Everybody? Not Quite...

This 2-minute quiz shows you if yoga is for you. Or what you should do instead.

9 Ways Yoga Will Make it Hard for You to Fit In

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If you’ve just started living the yoga lifestyle, you might start to notice a few changes. Suddenly, instead of rejoicing in Taco Tuesday, you find yourself perusing the organic food aisle, for example.

Once you start swapping happy hour drinks for an hour on the mat, you’ll notice that practicing yoga will make you a little bit different from your friends.

The yoga community is huge, diverse, and welcome to anyone. But as a group, yogis have one thing in common: a dedication to wellness for the body, mind, and soul. And in a world that glorifies instant gratification and overindulgence, that makes us a little bit weird. But that’s okay—who wants to fit in when standing out feels this good?

1. We’re more in touch with our spiritual sides—and less in touch with the Kardashians.

Credit: Crushable Credit: Crushable

Which Kardashian is having a baby? Sorry, I’m too busy contemplating universal loving-kindness to keep track.

2. We like to stay in the present, and that means no drama (really).

Credit: Billyonce Credit: Billyonce

Some people live for conflict. But it’s hard to get drawn into conflict when you understand that all suffering is temporary.

3. Junk food? No thanks. I’ll take a quinoa salad instead.

Credit: Tumblr Credit: Tumblr

If it doesn’t contain any vitamins, healthy fats, or lean protein, then why bother eating it?

4. When you say “get a drink,” you mean a kale smoothie, right?

Credit: ClotureClub Credit: ClotureClub

Alcohol is fine—but a night at the bar will seriously interfere with your early morning practice.

5. Our long nights of partying are mostly in the past.

Extra perk: yoga doesn’t leave you with a crippling hangover.

6. A day at the beach means one thing only: yoga selfies!

Credit: Buzzfeed Credit: Buzzfeed

Don’t forget to tag #YogaEveryDamnDay!

7. Our wardrobe consists of yoga pants, yoga pants, and more yoga pants.

Because they’re comfy and flattering.

8. Our unshakeable positivity!

In a world full of snarky people, it’s hard to be the one bringing the positive vibes.

9. But really, we DO fit in—at least among our fellow yogis!

Credit: Tumblr Credit: Tumblr

And really, who cares about fitting in with anyone else? Everyone knows that yogis are the coolest!

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