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The Week In Yoga #49

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Have you been under a lot of stress lately? In need of something to help in the bedroom department? Or maybe you feel a lot of tightness in your hips and wonder if yoga can help?

If you said yes to one (or all!) of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place! This week in yoga we round up the week’s top posts where you can get tips, inspiring content and videos, and maybe even win a prize (scroll to the bottom for details)!

A 10-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stress ReliefA 10-Minute Yoga Sequence for Stress Relief

Catch a breather by devoting a mere 10 minutes right now to revitalizing yourself with this quick and easy stress-busting sequence. Read more…

A Yoga Demo That Goes Beyond Balance (VIDEO)A Yoga Demo That Goes ‘Beyond Balance’

Featuring world-renowned yoga teacher and athlete Dylan Werner, each frame in this yoga demo depicts an amazing self-mastery of energy, kinetics, anatomy, and will. Read more…

5 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses for Beginners5 Hip-Opening Yoga Poses for Beginners

Here are some yoga poses beginners can do safely to gain all of the benefits of hip opening without injuring themselves or feeling strained. Read more…

7 Things You Dont Want to Hear About Yoga7 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Yoga

Yoga can’t be conquered. Yoga isn’t a one-off achievement, but rather a lifestyle that you commit to…for the rest of your life. Read more…

3 Yoga Poses for the Root Chakra3 Yoga Poses for the Root Chakra

The root chakra is called Mooladhara in Sanskrit, which means “root place,” it is the energy centre that relates to our relationship with the foundations in life. Read more…

A Beautiful, Honest Yoga Practice (VIDEO)A Beautiful, Honest Yoga Practice (VIDEO)

This video shows yogini Jessica Potter in her element, flowing through salutations and balances with a genuine sincerity, depth, and strength. Read more…

10 Yoga Poses to Banish Stress and Fire Up Your Libido10 Yoga Poses to Banish Stress and Fire Up Your Libido

These poses are for yogis of all levels, and can be used as a gateway into a deeper experience of loving intimacy, increased libido, and total relaxation. Read more…

Giveaway – 3 x Early Bird Passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners

Giveaway - 3 x Early Bird Passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for BeginnersLoving our Yoga for Beginners Starter Kit? Or maybe you’re completely new to all things yoga and you’re keen to get started? Either way, you’ll love this week’s giveaway!

We’re giving three (3) lucky readers early bird, lifetime access passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners by Kristin McGee. Join the contest here!

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