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Giveaway – 3 x Early Bird Passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners

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Are you one of the 12,372 yogis (and counting!) who signed up for The Yoga for Beginners Starter Kit? Or maybe you’re completely new to all things yoga and you’re keen to get started? Well, whether you’re just starting to learn about yoga or want to deepen your existing yoga practice, you’re gonna love our giveaway this week.

Today we’re giving away three (3) early bird, lifetime access passes to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners by Kristin McGee.

Broken down into six course modules and with over 90 yoga classes, The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners will teach you everything from the basics and benefits of yoga practice and lifestyle, down to detailed yoga pose how-to’s and awesome yoga sequences for strength, balance, stress relief and relaxation, and flexibility.

How you can join: Simple—just leave a comment below!

Here’s what winners will get:

  • Lifetime access to The Complete Guide to Yoga for Beginners to get you started on your yoga practice
  • 14 hours of high quality yoga videos filmed from two angles for full immersion
  • Over 90 yoga classes of amazing sequences and yoga pose breakdowns so you can practice safely at home
  • Easy progress tracking that lets you watch your personal progress bar advance as you grow your practice
  • Full access to the DOYOU community so you can connect and practice with yogis from all around the world.
    And also….
  • Bragging rights for being one of the first DOYOU members to have lifetime access (and for 100% free too!)

The contest ends April 14, 2015, so go ahead—Tweet, share, and comment away, and you could be this week’s lucky giveaway winner!

Congratulations to @roseanne, @rosiewilkinson, and @kimmie56 and for winning the giveaway!

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