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The Week In Yoga #3

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For our regular DYY readers, you guys already know what our "Week In Yoga" feature is about. But for the benefit of our first-time readers (welcome! Namaste a while!), The Week in Yoga is our  weekly Sunday thing where we round up the popular articles for that week.

So without further ado, here are our "standout posts" for the week:

The 10 Foods You Should Always Eat10 Foods You Should Always Eat

I believe that the joy of eating is something that should never be missing from your plate, and I also believe that the foods that feel amazing in your body, and taste amazing on your tongue can, and should, be the same foods. All that being said, there are some foods out there that I consider to be super foods, that I feel anyone could benefit from eating. Read more…

How To Balance Strength With FlexibilityHow To Balance Strength With Flexibility

When it comes to yoga, you can use your flexibility to raise your strength, and your strength to work on your flexibility. The beauty of yoga lies in the fact that these things are closely related and we must find a balance between them. It’s not just about how much strength you can muster either, but also how well you can distribute it. Read more…

The Paraplegic Yogi - Yes, Yoga is for EVERYONEThe Paraplegic Yogi – Yes, Yoga Is For EVERYONE!

I was doing yoga everyday and the power I felt within was indescribable. I had never been very flexible but each day I was improving. You never forget that first moment your heels touch the ground in Downward Dog! I had no idea how invaluable this lesson would be…Read more….

3 Yin Poses For Letting Go3 Yin Poses For Letting Go

Man, I love the silence and the inward-turning nature of a solid Yin pose. That feeling of sinking in, breathing through the release and going deeper physically and emotionally is really second to none. In case y’all didn’t know, Yin is about moving past the muscles and instead focuses on releasing those deep nooks and crannies – the ligaments, tendons, joints and even realigning the bones. Read more…

Are You Down For Some Stand-Up Paddleboard YogaAre You Down For Some Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga?

One of the hottest new trends in yoga is also one of the coolest—literally. SUP yoga, or Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga, takes place on lakes, oceans, and even rivers, which means that if you lose your balance and fall off your board, you’re in for an unexpected dip in the water. Read more…

The Real Life Yogi BearThe Real Life ‘Yogi Bear’

While snapping photos in Spain’s Cabarceno National Park last month, wildlife photographer Marina Cano witnessed an unusual yoga session. This brown bear was spotted going through a series of stretches that would make any yogi proud, extending first its left hind leg, then both hind legs, then its right leg straight out as it sat upright in the grass. Read more…

13 Photos That Show The Beauty Of Yoga13 Photos That Show The Beauty Of Yoga

Yoga is a deeply personal practice. For some it is about the physical benefit, for others it’s a spiritual experience, and to still others it’s a way to step outside of their own minds and connect with something deeper. No matter what yoga means to you, the beauty of yoga is universal. Read more…

Which one was your favorite post this week?

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