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The Ultimate Guide to Triangle Pose

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Trikonasana or Triangle pose is one of the first yoga poses we learn in our asana practice, but it doesn’t mean it comes easy to everyone. Most of us are still prone to misalignments, struggle to find our balance, and have difficulty maintaining our breath while holding the posture.

So to help you out, we’ve compiled all the tips, tricks, and practice suggestions and modifications into this ultimate guide to Triangle pose so you can have a one-stop resource for all things Trikonasana.

Yoga Pose 101: Triangle Pose Or Utthita Trikonasana

Yoga Pose 101 Triangle Pose Or Utthita Trikonasana

Most math teachers and architects would agree that the inherently simple and extremely durable Triangle is the most structurally stable shape known to man…unless they practice yoga, have tight hips, and short hamstrings. Read more…

Authentically Aligned: Triangle Pose

Authentically Aligned Triangle Pose

When it comes to Trikonasana, most people just want to touch the ground, but this pose isn’t about that at all. While getting the bottom arm to the ground happens in time with increased length in the hamstrings and side body, it makes no difference if you touch the ground or not. Read more…

Top 5 Health Benefits of Triangle Pose

Top 5 Health Benefits of Triangle Pose

It is one of those go-to postures that offers so much benefit for the body, while being approachable for most people, and a great place to learn some basic alignment that will help practitioners build the foundation they need for more advanced postures. Read more…

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6 Things You’ve Probably Always Missed in Triangle Pose


To get into Trikonasana, you might typically hear a teacher cue to “lengthen through your spine, reach as far forward as you can, and then tilt your torso bringing your hand down towards your foot.” This cue will get you into a pretty good feeling hamstring stretch, but there is so much more to get out of this. Read more…

How To Do Extended Triangle Pose


Extended Triangle pose stretches the legs, groins, hips, shoulders, chest and spine, and strengthens the feet, ankles and legs. Practicing Extended Triangle pose can stimulate the abdominal organs, aiding with digestion, and may help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Read more…

5 Alignment Tips for Extended Triangle Pose

5 Alignment Tips For Extended Triangle Pose

The Quadratus lumborum muscle or QL is a common source of lower back pain which results from sitting too often, too long, and it greatly appreciates the stretching relief offered in Extended Triangle. But how do you find this hidden muscle? Read more…

How To Do Revolved Triangle Pose

how to do revolved triangle pose

Revolved Triangle pose helps open the chest and activates the spine with the help of the internal and external obliques. It also lengthens and releases any muscle tension in your glutes and hamstrings. This pose is also great for your sense of balance and coordination. Read more…

6 Alignment Tips for Revolved Triangle Pose

6 Alignment Tips for Revolved Triangle Pose

Prvritta Trikonasana is a challenging pose for many yoga practitioners, regardless if they’re beginners or advanced yogis. This asana has so much going on—hamstring and calf stretches, a deep twist, a balance component…and then the yoga teacher asks you to breathe!? Not easy. Read more…

Learn Triangle Pose with Kristin McGee (VIDEO)

Triangle pose lesson with kristin mcgee

If you prefer to follow along with a yoga instructor as you learn and refine your Triangle pose, you’ll love this yoga pose tutorial by DYY Allstar Kristin McGee. Watch the video here…

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