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6 Alignment Tips for Revolved Triangle Pose

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Prvritta Trikonasana is a challenging pose for any yoga practitioners. Many beginner and advanced yogis struggle through this one. This asana has so much going on- hamstring and calf stretches, a deep twist, a balance component…and then the yoga teacher asks you to breathe!? Not easy.

Here are some tips to help you express your most authentic version of revolved triangle pose.

1. Placement of the Feet

Traditionally this pose is done with heel-to-heel alignment. This might not be appropriate for all yogis. If you have tight or wide hips, it is very difficult to stand balanced in heel-to-heel alignment. If necessary, step the feet wide as if they are on two separate sides of a road.

2. Ground into the Feet

When practicing revolved triangle be aware of two feet on the earth. Press into the knife edge of the back foot to avoid the ankle collapsing inward. Press also into the ball of the front foot to insure the weight is equally distributed.

Active feet will also lead to active legs. This means the thighs are engaged, and legs are working to keep you feeling solid on the ground.

3. Hips

Ideally we want to square the hips in this asana. Again, this might not be possible for everyone. Just the action of trying to square the hips will eventually get you there. Think about taking the back thigh bone (or middle of your back bum) back. Then moving the front hip bone forward.

4. Chest

In Prvritta Trikonasana we want to keep the back long and extended. In order to do this, before you twist, try to extend your chest. Energetically move the breastbone forward. This will lengthen the back and the sides of the waist

5. Twist

The twist in this pose comes from the belly. So once you’ve checked your alignment through steps 1-4 start to turn the belly button toward the front thigh. Take a few breaths to get there.

Check In with the feet, legs, hips, chest and then twist a little deeper on the next breath.

6. Head

Check in with the head and neck here. In a full expression of revolved triangle pose, the head will look upward toward the extended fingertips. However for many this is not okay for the neck. If this is the case look down at the front foot, or look straight ahead and gaze at a drshti point in the distance.

Remember, all bodies will look different in each pose. Use the alignment that suits your body best. Yoga is supposed to feel good and bring us in to a state of balance, not increase discomfort.

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