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How to Handstand Like a Yogi With Briohny Smyth (VIDEO)


Need help going upside down and getting into handstand? Or maybe you want to fine-tune how you practice and find more comfort and stability in the pose? Whether you're new to this or not, this 5-minute tutorial by world-renowned teacher Briohny Smyth will help you find ease in your handstand practice!

Practice with Bri as she guides you through the step-by-step process, and gives you pointers on how to handstand like a yogi. What does 'handstand like a yogi' mean, you ask? It means learning to practice the posture safely and mindfully, and in a way that helps you listen to your body and respect its limits and abilities—this instead of the competitive, ego-driven, check-it-off-my-list desire to simply "nail" the pose.

If you enjoy this video and want a yoga practice where you can be mindful while giving your body a thorough toning and strengthening workout, check out Bri's awesome The Yoga Body Program here on DOYOU—you're gonna love it. ;-)

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