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Giveaway – 3 x Lifetime Passes to The Ultimate Yoga Shred For Weight Loss (Worth $49)

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We are SO stoked that so many of you guys joined in and signed up for the 14-Day Yoga Shred Challenge with Sadie! So far we are over 27,000 yogis strong (say what!) and that number’s still growing!

So this week, we thought we’d give three (3) lucky readers free lifetime access passes to The Ultimate Yoga Shred for Weight Loss, which has everything you loved about the 14-Day challenge and tons more. We’re talking healthy eating tips, restorative sequences, warm up and cool down exercises, detox yoga sequences…the list goes on.

How you can join: Simple—just leave a comment below!

The Ultimate Yoga Shred for Weight Loss by rocker yogi Sadie Nardini is a combination of yoga sequences and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) exercises to help you get fitter by toning your muscles, helping you lose weight and shed off excess fat, and stepping up your cardio game.

The course is broken down into four modules of seven classes each: Cardio, Core, Weight Loss, and Detox. And that’s not including a module dedicated to helping you understand the basics such as how to breathe properly and how to do modifications. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to the Ultimate Yoga Shred that will change your life
  • 5+ hours of high quality yoga videos filmed from two angles for full immersion
  • Over 20 yoga classes to burn fat, tone lean muscles and boost your cardio!
  • Easy progress tracking that lets you watch your personal progress bar advance as you grow your practice
  • Full access to the DOYOU community so you can connect and practice with yogis from all around the world.

The contest ends March 31, 2015, so go ahead—Tweet, share, and comment away, and you could be this week’s lucky giveaway winner!

Congratulations to @oddenjo, @VanilaBubles, and @uhLEKsis for winning the giveaway!

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