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The 50 Best Yoga Blogs of 2021

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Since the 80s, the ancient Indian discipline of yoga has been taking the western world by storm. Existing in many forms today, the controversies, complexities and communities that surround modern yoga are excellently reflected in the blogosphere. We’re excited to continue the annual tradition of nominating the best yoga blogs on the web.

This list celebrates what we all love about yoga today: the incredible diversity, the passion and hard work, and of course, the amazing yoga community. Along with a wealth of yoga pose and sequence guides, you’ll also find tips on Kundalini practice, Ayurveda advice, discussions on yoga politics, and even ideas for starting your own yoga blog.

There are blogs in here that will make you laugh, make you cry, motivate you to change your life, and inspire you to change the world. Just like a really good yoga class, right? The broad range of topics you’ll find in these blogs reflects the most important thing about yoga: that it’s for everyone!

This is pretty much the perfect time to turn to yoga! Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are the 50 best yoga blogs of 2021:

Neghar Fonooni

A fitness-trainer-turned-witch, Naghari is one interesting individual. Her blog, simple titled “Words,” boasts a plethora of beautiful insights paired with even more beautiful imagery.

Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig’s eclectic site makes yoga more fun than it already is. She’s written for a variety of health and wellness outlets (everyone from Mind, Body, Green to HuffPo) and is a published author, so it follows suit that her blog is a wealth of info and insights.

Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga trailblazer, Anne Guest-Jelley, has evolved her blog into podcast form this year, meaning you can now listen to her insights on yoga and life on the go! Better yet, try listening while you practice yoga for some extra oomph.

The Balanced Blonde

Jordan Younger is more than her hair color – much more. The Balanced Blonde blog has evolved into an impressive website, podcast, and even a book! So you can listen, watch, or read.

Yoga Journal

As one of the biggest yoga resources out there, it’s no surprise that Yoga Journal has a stellar blog. With info about everything from meditation to yoga tips for moms, and including guest articles from some very prominent yogis, this is a blog every yogi should know!

Daily Cup of Yoga

A regular favorite, Daily Cup of Yoga‘s inspiring posts tend to feature real life wisdoms about the impact of yoga on and off the mat. (There’s even a post on “How to Support Student’s Wellbeing during COVID-19”.) The books section is also a great resource for the yogi readers out there!

Amy Ippoliti Yoga

Lately, Amy has been offering up quarantine hacks that are sure to make life a whole lot easier. Her “Musings” are succinct, easy to read, and will leave you wanting to come back for more.

Jason Crandell Yoga Method

Jason Crandell’s blog is pretty awesome because it also incorporates insights (and photos of) his partner-in-yoga-crime Andrea. Their love story is one of two yogis looking for that perfect fit and collaborating on all things health and wellness.

Yogi Times

Not a fan of regular news sites? Try the Yogi Times instead! Art, recipe and travel articles are complemented by interviews and yoga videos, to give you a broad insight into the yoga world.

The Journey Junkie

Allie Flavio (a.k.a The Journey Junkie) shares her thoughts on yoga, travel, and lifestyle, augmented by some gorgeous photos. With tips on blogging and general life goals, this blog really is a place for true inspiration.

Yoga Healer

With a name like “Yoga Healer,” you can’t not be about all things yoga. Cate’s site features a handy guide to her top 10 health blogs, as well as a plethora of resources surrounding the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Wai Lana Yoga

Wai Lana Yoga is more than a practice – it’s a lifestyle. Wai also goes the extra mile by posting videos to accompany her blogs to ensure you’re not only getting the poses right, but getting a deeper sense of connection, too.

Yoga Girl

From healthy recipes to down-to-Earth talks, Yoga Girl’s got it all. For even more yoga inspo, there’s also a thriving online community, plus a podcast (hosted by Rachel Brathen, the Yoga Girl herself), PLUS retreats and teacher training! No matter what level you’re at, there’s certainly something for everyone in this space.

The Yoga Lunchbox

What began as the story of one yogi’s personal journey has transformed into a great all-round yoga blog. Featuring classic texts and stories from around the yoga world, The Yoga Lunchbox is a wonderful resource that has a strong community feel.

Gigi Yogini

With a cute name like Gigi Yogini, how could you not love this girl right off the bat? Although she doesn’t blog often (she averages one a month), each post is filled with info and inspo. Mamas-to-be will find some awesome resources and advice from Gigi, too!

Silvia Mordini

Silvia Mordini has a slick, clean, very aesthetic website to house her lovely blog. This yogi and teacher trainer eloquently claims “Yoga is like writing. Writing is Like Yoga. Yoga and writing are two expressions of the creative source within us.”

Starr Struck

Mary Catherine Starr‘s frequent updates feature yoga, art, recipes, music, and lots of other little life things. If you’re in need of a gratitude reminder, check out her “Simple Joys of the Week” posts!

Gwen Lawrence

Some may think that yoga and sports don’t get along, but nothing could be further from the truth. Gwen Lawrence labels her site “Power Yoga for Sports™” and features various sports trainers on her blog.

The Yoga Blog

The Yoga Blog is a fantastic platform for yogis from all walks of life to share their experiences. With the aim of inspiring community and play, they have a huge range of topics to motivate you to join in on the conversation. Plus, their charity donation of 50% of all advertising revenue shows that they walk the walk, too!

Liz Arch

With a top three section and a categories feature, Liz Arch’s “Primal Yoga” blog is as easy to navigate as it is fun to read. Though she doesn’t blog too often, she has plenty to say when she does put fingers to keyboard (including bodacious recipes!).

Little Flower Yoga

Now this is a unique one! If you want to find ideas, tips and stories relating to yoga for children, then visit the Little Flower Yoga blog! This invaluable resource goes well beyond anecdote, with overviews of research and book reviews.

The Vegan Asana

The Vegan Asana is, as you might have guessed, run by a vegan yogi! Needless to say, there are plenty of delicious vegan recipes featured. Honestly, though, it’s hard to believe that a mother of six has the time to write at all!

The Yogini from Manila

Aka Jane Uymatiao (who is, in fact, from Manila) this yogini must have something special – her blog is featured on all kinds of “Best of” lists! She originally launched The Yogini from Manila to illustrate her own journey through the yoga world, but it quickly evolved into something much bigger. Grab a cup of tea and curl up with your laptop for some relaxing-but-inspiring reads.

Koya Webb

Koya proves that there are women of color in the yoga world, and they’re powerful to boot! This yogi serves up insights to optimize your mental, physical, and spiritual health, and she does it in style.

J. Brown Yoga

J Brown is an acclaimed teacher who promotes a more traditional, introspective, and breath-focused style of yoga. His honest and interesting writing has been featured widely: when you read this blog, you’ll see why!

Kino Yoga

Aptly titled Kino’s Yogi Assignment Blog, Kino MacGregor’s works speak to the mind and to the soul. In addition to blogging, Kino is also the founder and curator of the crazy-popular Omstars TV network for all things yoga.

Yoga for Healthy Aging

This regularly updated blog does what it says on the tin: with lots of information about the effects of yoga on the body and brain, Yoga for Healthy Aging supports readers to maintain their health for years to come.

Jennifer Reis Yoga

Creator of “Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra,” Jennifer Reis certainly knows her stuff! From calming videos to lively mudras, this blog has something for everyone. Jennifer also offers private sessions for those who want to dive a little deeper.

Bram Levinson

Bram Levinson’s blog is an introspective reflection on life and yoga. His powerful writing will inspire any yogi to be grateful for what they have, and to make the most of their abilities to change the lives of themselves and those around them.


Not to pat ourselves on the back, but DO YOU Yoga boasts a plethora of resources when it comes to all things yoga, including FREE online yoga classes and regular challenges to put your practice into high gear. The super helpful blog is nothing to sniff at, either.

Yoga Trail

Now for something a little different! Yoga Trail is the go-to destination for yogis who want to make a living teaching yoga. You’ll find a plethora of resources, encouragement, and good old-fashioned advice.

Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi, created by a pre- and post-natal yogi named Erica, is a great place for moms-to-be and moms-who-are to pick up some yoga tips. Even if you don’t fall into one of those categories, you’re sure to glean some knowledge by perusing the blog archives.

Yoga by Candace

Candace‘s blog is perfect for the modern yogi: she mixes up yoga tips and sequences with fitness and recipe guides, in a way that’s really easy to identify with. Don’t miss her “Confessions of a Yoga Teacher” articles, for a sneak peek into the teaching world!

Namastacey Yoga

Another clever blog name! Stacey Rosenberg, creator of the aforementioned Namastacey Yoga blog, loves sharing her fiery passion for yoga with newbies and seasoned yogis alike. Check out her blog for yoga insights plus life lessons.

Dutch Smiling Yogi

A yoga teacher, writer, and anatomy specialist, the “Dutch Smiling Yogi” (aka John Kraijenbrink) pretty much does it all. Check out his vlog for inspiration, yoga for children, and even some home crafts!

Adam Hocke

Mixing yoga sequence podcasts with written posts gives Adam‘s blog a really fresh feel! His frequently-updated blog features loads of helpful tips on poses, alignment, and meditation. (He livestreams classes, too.)

Alicia M. Hansen

Formerly called Poise in Parma, Alicia’s blog is still servin’ up the good stuff even after a decade of being live. It chronicles the vibe of Northeast Ohio life while sticking to general lifestyle and, of course, yoga themes.

Alive in the Fire

Alive in the Fire has lots of self-love and all-round love going on in this life-affirming blog, as well as some fantastic photos. If you’re a bookworm, check out the reviews! Stick around for some Reiki goodness, too.

Ishta Yoga

The Ishta Yoga blog has a handy dandy teacher spotlight guide so that you can find the teacher that wholly aligns with you; body, mind, and spirit. The same questions are asked of the teachers, which makes for some lively reading (ie., “When did you take your first yoga class?”, “What’s your favorite yoga pose?” etc.). The teachers also get a chance to talk about what their respective classes offer.

The Yogi Press

The Yoga Press is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – an online publication for all things yoga! They’re even ahead in the times in that they have an app coming out soon. The content is for beginners and advanced yogis alike, so there’s bound to be something for everyone contained within these digital pages.

Sassy Yoga

‘Cause who doesn’t need a little more sass in their lives?! Sassy Yogi‘s beautiful pictures and an easy-to-read layout make this Singapore-dwelling yogi’s blog a favorite. Don’t miss her “Weekly Intentions” posts for some grounding inspo!

Mandy Martini

Although her name generates images of fancy cocktails, Mandy’s stylish blog is about all things health and wellness. And as if she could get any more interesting, this chick is an indigenous Mapuche and a passionate advocate for the earth and its inhabitants.

Body Divine Yoga

You’ll find well-articulated and intelligent discussion here on Body Divine Yoga, comparing modern yoga to its traditional and spiritual roots with a feminist slant. If you want to find a blog that critiques and dissects the issue of the “yoga body,” as well as other ideas in yoga politics, this is for you!

Wild Yoga

The Wild Yoga blog is the brainchild of yogi Theo Wildcroft. With words such as “philosophy,” “politics” and “inequality” as popular (and handy) tags and topics hanging out in the sidebar, you’re sure to get a healthy dollop of real life insights while poring over this blog.

Big Sky Yoga Retreats

We’ve featured this awesome retreat before, but have you checked out their blog? Get a taste of the wild side when you read about the cowgirl yogi lifestyle, and don’t forget to check out how they help women with breast cancer.

Kindness Blog

The Kindness Blog is one piece of a whole collective of yoga resources. The entire site has a calm, relaxing vibe, and the blog is no exception. Stop here if you’d like a huge archive of relatable, instructional, and all-around inspiring posts.

Rachel Yoga

Dubbed the ‘Yoga Education Expert, Rachel Scott mixes comprehensive yoga sequences with insights into heartfelt life-advice in this well-written blog.

Ashley Josephine

This super-helpful blog gives sound advice on how yoga can help you to work through a number of life issues. Practical yoga tips and videos also make Ashley‘s blog a fantastic one-stop-shop.

Spirit Voyage

Come to Spirit Voyage for all things Kundalini. With insights and information on yoga, Kundalini practice and meditation, this is a great resource if you want to dive right into the tradition.

Tara Stiles

This down-to-earth blog from the founder of Strala Yoga, Tara Stiles, is essentially a wonderful and simple guide to feeling great, with healthy recipes, yoga tips, and wonderful little life hacks. Enjoyable reading for all yoga practitioners as well as teachers.

Bad Yogi

So this is quite a departure from the norm. Bad Yogi Blog features tongue-in-cheek commentary, as well as a variety of yoga tutorials and challenges. You can also find yummy recipes, advice for mothers, and a comprehensive 12-week program for strength training. What’s not love about being “bad”?

We hope you’ve found your new favorite yoga blog, or now inspired to start your own. Yoga is one of the best ways to discover what moves you, what inspires you, and what gives you joy, and it’s our greatest happiness to help you on this path.

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