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A 10-Minute Morning Yoga Sequence for Beginners

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One of my favorite times to practice is first thing in the morning. I’m a mother of a two year old and have a busy career. I’ve found personally if I wait to practice, I either run out of time or energy!

I often tell my beginners to establish a home practice they can commit to and do daily or every other day. Of course, it can be hard to motivate yourself in the morning without someone spurring you on! I love this free 30 Day Yoga Challenge to help you get into the practice of a regular yoga morning routine. Morning time is a great time to start to get you into the habit of rolling out your sticky mat and moving with your breath. It will set you up for a very productive, healthy, positive day, too.

This little morning yoga sequence for beginners is wonderful for getting your blood flowing and your energy focused. The poses will strengthen and lengthen your body, and help you feel fit and flexible all day long in mind, body, and spirit.


Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

Mountain Pose is a great place to start. Ground your feet and press evenly through all four corners of each foot. Stretch your arms towards the floor and draw your abdominals in and up.

Hold for five to eight breaths to get focused and ready to move deeper.

2. Urdhva Hastasana

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

From Mountain Pose, lift your arms up overhead and press your palms firmly together. Keep the tops of your shoulders released away from your ears and activate your triceps. Keep the abdominals engaged and the legs firm.

Hold for five to eight breaths.

3. Warrior I

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

Warriors are always awesome to do in the AM. Warriors give us confidence and strength and help us connect to our own inner strength.

From Urdhva Hastasana, step your left foot back one of your own leg’s length apart. Press the outer left foot in to the mat as you lunge your right knee forward. The left foot should be pointing at a seventy-five degree angle. Make sure the knee stays above the ankle.

Hold for five to eight breaths.

4. Warrior II

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

From Warrior I Pose on the right side, open the arms, hips, and waist to the side as you gaze forward over your right hand. Your back toes can open up a bit more than seventy-five degrees, but keep the toes a little forward of the heel still. Make sure the front knee doesn’t roll in. Draw your abs in and and keep the torso even between the legs.

Stay and breathe for five to eight deep breaths.

5. Triangle

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

From Warrior II, straighten the front leg and hinge forward placing the hand on the knee, shin, or a block. Imagine yourself between two narrow walls.

Hold for five to eight breaths, then come back up to standing.

6. Extended Side Angle

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

Re-bend the front knee and place the outer right forearm on the upper right thigh. Extend the top arm overhead and lengthen from the outer edge of the left foot all the way through the left fingers.

Hold for five to eight breaths.

Drop your hands alongside the front foot and step forward, folding in to both legs. Come back up through Urdhva Hastasana and repeat postures 3-6 on the left side.

7. Downward Dog

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

After doing the postures on the left side, instead of folding forward, place both hands on the floor on either side of the left foot from Extended Side Angle and step the left foot back to meet the right as you come into Downward Facing Dog Pose.

Press firmly into your hands and roll your upper arms outwards. Lengthen up through your torso and keep your abdominals engaged. Actively use your legs to keep bringing your torso back in space.

If you need to bend your knees, that’s ok!

Hold here for eight to ten breaths.

8. Forearm Plank

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

From Downward Facing Dog Pose, roll out to Plank (or drop to hands and knees) and place your forearms on the floor. Make sure your body forms a straight line from head to toe.

Keep your abdominals engaged and hold for thirty to sixty seconds to fire up your powerhouse for the day.

9. Baby Cobra

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

Lower down to your belly from forearm plank, walk your hands slightly forward if need be, and lift your chest up into a Baby Cobra. Pull your shoulder blades together and down your back and breathe into the front of your body.

Hold for five breaths, lower down and repeat two more times.

10. Child’s Pose

Credit: Kristin McGee Credit: Kristin McGee

Finish by pressing back to Child’s Pose to stretch the entire back body and focus on what you would like to achieve for the day. Stay as long as you can, or want to, and finish with Savasana, or press to stand and roll up for an incredible day.

Listen. I get it. Mornings can be a tough time for you to make space to move your body. You’re tired, you’re sleepy, you’re rushing to get where you need to be. But check these yoga blogs out to see how yoga teachers and enthusiasts are able to make yoga a natural part of their daily morning routine. If they can do it, you can too!

Pat yourself on the back every time you get out of bed and greet the day with some yoga postures. You will feel amazing—and eventually might not even need that extra cup of coffee.

Morning Yoga Sequence

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