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Waking Up? There’s a Yoga App for That

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Are your mornings less than yogic?

Do the new day’s anxieties negate last night’s rest? Are your first words a groggy grumble about your aching back? Maybe you forego the struggle in increments, hitting snooze on the blaring and abrasive alarm over and over again, sharing all of your morning angst with your significant other, roommates, and neighbors.

Are you tired of waking up to a chainsaw alarm that abruptly jolts you awake with a few seconds of terror before you realize there isn’t actually an ax murderer after you? What if you could do away with morning negativity by stretching and setting an intention for your day?

Well, there’s now a yoga app to help you with that.

How It Works

It’s a simple concept for a classic problem. Yoga Wake Up helps you to forego your annoying snooze sessions and lulls you out of sleep by peaceful music and the invigorating voice of your new morning yoga instructor.

Currently in its initial phases of development and Kickstarter campaign, Yoga Wake Up comes to you via your iOS device from sunny Los Angeles.

Download the app for FREE and pick one of a variety of soothing wake ups by some of the world’s most reputable yoga teachers. You can also peruse additional wake ups for sale on the app. Once you’ve picked your session, leave the app open on your phone overnight and wakeup to a gentle 10 minute yoga session.

In the future, creators hope to allow teachers to create and share their own wake ups of varying length, collaborate with musical artists, and expand the app’s reach to Android and Windows mobile.



Do You Yoga Wake Up?

Since this app is free to download and try, Yoga Wake Up could be a good experiment to see if you do, indeed, need an industrial-grade bulldozer to get you out of bed, or if you could stretch, slide, and smile your way out of the covers with this app.

This app is strictly audio and amps up in volume and movement by the end of the practice. Although the instructions are clear and cover the English names of the poses, there are no visual guides for new practitioners who may not be familiar with all the stretches. You may need to listen ahead of time, note the poses you need to review, and find a visual guide elsewhere to prep for your first practice.

Find more information on the product and its campaign here.

Featured in New York Magazine, The Guardian, and The Washington Post
Featured in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and VOGUE

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